YoWhatsApp APK

So, today’s topic for the article is how you can download the YoWhatsapp app for Android. First of all, let me tell you that YoWhatsapp APK is a modified version of WhatsApp with more features than the original version. Nowadays people are looking for a beta version or a lite version of apps with better features and better-looking apps.

YoWhatsApp APK

Also, in today’s world many websites or app developers have modified the original apps and made it into a different version of it by adding new and improved features to it. You can easily find these versions in Play Store but it is not guaranteed that these apps are better than the original version of the app.

There are apps like FM WhatsApp, OGWhatsapp, GBWhatsapp, or WhatsApp Plus which you can easily download from different websites or the Play Store. But this article will only be helpful for you if you want to know about the YoWhatsapp and its features and what makes it different from the original WhatsApp app.

What is YoWhatsApp?

First of all, let us learn what exactly is YoWhatsapp. So YoWhatsapp is a modified version of WhatsApp that contains changes and improvements more than the original app. This version is used if you want WhatsApp with more and cool features and functions.

YoWhatsapp is also similar to other modified versions of WhatsApp based on user’s privacy using it. It also does not limit the number of files sent from the application and the format of the file sent.

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What’s New in YoWhatsApp APK?

There are some new features and functions in YoWhatsapp APK which are mentions as follows:

  • Privacy changes: In this version, you can change the settings to who can call you and who can’t call you, you can also change if you want to show your last seen or not, you can also read messages without the checkmark showing the message read, So these are some of the privacy changes you can make while using this app.
  • New Fonts: In this modified version, you can change your text fonts according to your preferences or you can customize your own text fonts for the application.
  • Emojis: New emojis and emoticons are present in this version so you can freely text through different emoticons with your friends and family.
  • File formats: From this version, you can send file formats like PDF, JPG, JPEG, APK, Zip format, DOC, etc. easily without any hassle.
  • Size of file: From this app, you can send files from 100MB to 1GB. There are no limits to the size of the file that you are sharing through this app.
  • Faster: Due to the modifications and improvements made by the developers, this application works faster than your original version of WhatsApp.
  • Privacy: For more privacy, you can easily lock the app from others through PIN, Fingerprint, or Patters whichever is good for you.

TIPS: A little tip for you if you are looking to download YoWhatsapp, you should have your smartphones authorized for downloading apps from unknown sources if you are going to download this modified version if your smartphone is running Android 8 or any earlier versions of Android.

Another tip you can download the application from other websites nowadays as this application is an unofficial app and has been developed without any proper authorization. So, WhatsApp has urged Google to remove this app from the Play Store as it violates the rights of the original version of WhatsApp.

How to install YoWhatsApp APK?

Now I’m going to explain the steps on how you can download and install YoWhatsapp Apk. The steps are as follows:

  • First, you have to create a backup of all your previous conversations through WhatsApp or another source.
  • After that, you can go to Malavida.com where you can easily find this modified version of WhatsApp. After you find the application, there will be a green Download button available at the bottom of the page which you have to click to download the app.

Tip: If you are using Android 8 or an earlier version of Android then first you need to go to the Settings menu so that you can enable the download of apps from Unknown Sources in your Security options so you won’t have any complications downloading the app.

  • Once you have downloaded YoWhatsApp, you can see that it’s downloaded in your notifications. In the notifications, you have to click open so you can access the app file through your file’s app or file explorer that your smartphone may be using.
  • Now you have to click on the APK icon so you can start the installation process of the application.
  • After that, you will get a pop-up message which asks you if you want to install the application, then you have to click install in that pop-up message.
  • Once your installation process is successfully completed, you can straightway open the application in the corresponding window or you can search for the app icon in your smartphone’s app list or in your installed app’s options.
  • This modified version will ask you for granting the permission for the app to access your photos, multimedia files, or any other files or documents on your phone. So, click Allow in the pop-up message to make it happen.
  • Your YoWhatsApp screen will be similar to other versions of WhatsApp. Then you have to accept Agree & Continue which will show up next for you to accept the Terms & Conditions of the app.
  • The next step is for you to write down your mobile phone number and complete the verification process of your account.
  • Next, you have to confirm your mobile number. So, check your number and then click OK.
  • Also, YoWhatsApp will ask you to grant permission to read your SMS or text messages which have come on your mobile phone. You have to give access to your SMS by clicking Allow.
  • A verification code will be sent on your phone number from the application which you have to type in the app to complete your verification process fully.
  • You can’t restore your backups from Google Drive in this modified version.
  • Type your username for your YoWhatsApp profile.
  • Then your YoWhatsApp is ready for you to use.

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So, these are the steps through which you can easily download and install WhatsApp easily and without any hassle. So, I hope this article was helpful for you if you are looking to download this modified version of WhatsApp. Thank you for your time in reading the article.

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