Revamp Your Instagram Account

Instagram has become the sweetheart of social media marketers. Gone are the days when people used this platform to show off their photography prowess. Today, this platform is capable of highhandedly turning around the social media marketing efforts of a brand, all with the use of photographs, videos, and stories.

Revamp Your Instagram Account

According to Forrester, Instagram’s engagement is rated at 4.21%, which is ten times higher than Facebook, and 84 times higher than Twitter. 

So, won’t it be the right thing to do to revamp your Instagram account and use it more than all the other channels? Read on to know you can change the looks of your account and use it to turn around your revenue numbers. 

1. Tell Stories

Instagram is all about stories. In the quest to tell their stories, most people miss out on the right tone of storytelling and become preachy. While someday it’s fine to be preachy, you cannot keep that interesting every day. What will help you rather is being raw and detailed. 

Speak what you have to say and leave it there. Let your followers find a meaning or a gist out of your story. The point is to keep it short, crisp, and interesting. Give people something to munch on.

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2. Try Gifs

GIFs are fun. If you haven’t explored them yet, this is the time to use them on your Instagram feed. Since Instagram works great with photos and videos, most people have ignored this interesting form of expressing ideas and communicating crisply with the followers.

You can use GIFs as posts on the days when you do not have anything else ready. You can also use it to communicate with your followers in the comment section. We say it is a cute way of revamping your Instagram account while keeping it simple and open. 

3. Use Emojis

Written words can easily become emotionless and may give out a different tone than what you intended. Emojis, on the other hand, offers a fun way of expressing emotions. No matter what you do, or how serious your services are, users should consider using emojis in your posts and your conversations. You will have to try it to know how a simple smiley emoji can change the tone of a conversation and make more people want to talk to you. 

Emojis have been available on all social media platforms for ages now. If you have not been using them till now, it’s high time you start now. You can also use emojis as hashtags. Whenever you post on a certain topic, you can use one fixed emoji every time. With time, people will start identifying that emoji with a particular subject and will get excited every time they will notice the emoji on your feed. 

4. Create Outros

Outros are a unique way of saying goodbye and sum up a visitor’s experience on your website or social media page. These are known to increase brand recall and, as a result, improve brand loyalty. The point is to add a bang at the end of your video, story, or a quick interactive session so that you stay at the top of your visitor’s mind for a long time. 

You can find an outro maker free on InVideo. Use it to create Outro for selected interactions and revamp your Instagram account. You will have to do this consistently to see astounding results. Invideo is extremely user friendly, so you will be done with your Outros in a jiffy. Think about it, this can be a game-changer for your Instagram game. 

5. Use CTAs – Call to Action

If you thought that CTA’s for website content or other social media platforms, the thing with CTAs is that they come across as a very formal method of getting people to do something; therefore, people fail to use it in informal formats. You can use CTAs in funny ways to get people to do something for you while maintaining your light tone. You do not have to state order, a call to action can be done subtly without using traditional words like Click, Checkout, Logon, etc. 

Try asking questions like – ‘How would you like to check out more of my recipe videos?’ Or ‘Why don’t you tell me what you think about this?’. CTAs but different, right! Use them to change how your content feels and watch out how more and more people interact with you. 

6. Share Behind the Scenes

Have you ever thought about telling the story about how you created a story? No! Think about it now. Sharing how much pain you took to create an astounding story can help you connect intricately with your audience and will also give your Insta feed a fresh look. Believe it or not, people get bored with the same type of content over time. 

So, no matter how well you do, you have to think out of the box and come up with something new to keep your followers interested. Use an extra camera to shoot how you are shooting for a story, make small snippets of your funny mistakes, talk about them, and you can also use them to interact with the audience. Ask them for their opinion and watch your feed explode with ideas.

7. Host a Contest

Host a Contest. Yes, this is not an out-of-the-box idea. In fact, it has been tried and tested millions of times on social media. But the key here is to do it differently. Rather than offering products and services (not that people won’t want that), give out unique things like saying a date with you, an online session with you, a chance to post on your Instagram handle, etc. The point is to do something new, and this way, you build a unique image for yourself and your brand.

Remember, there are thousands of people on the social media platforms that there is a high probability that someone else is doing exactly what you are doing. So, you have to think hard and think out of the box to create a niche for yourself and build a following that will stay with you through thick and thin. Become that person who doesn’t shy away from experimenting, revamp your feed with bold out-of-the-box ideas, and give your followers something they will not find anywhere else.

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Instagram has its own share of challenges, but it is not an impossible platform to master. If you find it hard to create quirky videos, you can always take help from Instagram video editor apps like InVideo. If you would like to do something different with your photos, you can use the several filters available on the app itself. There is literally nothing that can stop you if you decide to champion this platform.

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