Top 10 Creative Feed And Reel Ideas That Will Help You Connect With Like Minded People

Do you wish to transform your Instagram feed?

The quickest way to achieve this feat is through compelling, high-quality content. Whether you are using regular Instagram posts or Reels to boost your Instagram growth, the first step always starts with the content.

Content helps you engage with your audience, and this engagement also helps increase your reach. It nurtures followers into loyalists, and you will then be successful in developing as a brand.

Top 10 Creative Feed And Reel Ideas That Will Help You Connect With Like Minded People

Given below are some cool and creative feed and reel ideas that will help you connect with your target audience:

Start a Contest

Holding contests is one of the most promising tricks to get in touch with people on Instagram. Alternatively, you may even host an “X Days Challenge” or a simple Giveaway. These campaigns can last a couple of days and get you a strong following during this period. 

Along with that, it unlocks a wealth of user-generated content for your business that you can repurpose and reuse for regular content publishing efforts. You can generate a brand-specific hashtag, sort all the submissions, and repost the ones that catch your eye. 

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Post Detailed Captions

Instagram is a platform that primarily depends on visual stimulation. However, you can always pair it with long captions to tell a story. Several brands rest heavily on their story-telling capabilities to keep their followers engaged and to take them on a journey. 

Of course, this art requires sharp copywriting skills that can stitch the story and caption together. For starters, your image must bear a direct correlation with the caption. Further, the caption must be just the right length so that you neither overdo it nor leave it incomplete.

Tell Stories Through Reels

While captions are a great way to tell stories, you can also add some depth and personality to them through your Instagram Reels. You can make use of a mix of audio and visual elements to capture their attention. 

It is an excellent way to connect with your audience on a personal and emotional level. If your story is too long, you can divide these into smaller parts and drip-feed your audience across the platform.

Promote Products or Services

Instagram Reels is a new offering by the platform. Accounts can post 15-second long videos paired with popular music clips and other effects to delight their users. Unlike Instagram Stories, which are only visible to your followers, Reels offer you platform-wide exposure.

And what can be a better way than using it to drop product promos and teasers? You can be as sales as you want with Reels.

Create a Theme

When someone visits your Instagram feed, they can see all the posts in a grid. This grid presents a unique opportunity to play with your Instagram aesthetics and settle on a theme. Choosing a theme helps in building visual consistency. 

There are plenty of themes for you to choose from, such as the dark theme, where the background for all your images is black or dark. Similarly, you can have a light theme or a minimalistic theme or even a color pop theme where only your brand colors stand out. 

They may not be as popular, but you can also have a monochrome feed where the images are in black and white. If you don’t wish to fit into a box, then go for a vibrant feed that offers a festival of colors!

Revamp Your Photo Grid

Just as you can use your photo grid to build a theme on your Instagram, you can use it to create a quirky puzzle for all the viewers. Utilize the grid layout to plan out your posts in advance, and you can have photos that connect to have an interlocked puzzle! 

Similarly, you could have a checkerboard display through the interleaving of images and quotes, or you could have a vertical line display that balances a particular type of post according to the columns. Play with the grid and find the best way to utilize it.

Plan Takeovers

Instagram takeovers are in, and you can collaborate with internal and external partners to offer a fresh take on everything related to your brand. It offers a break for your followers from the usual routine, which may cause fatigue. 

If you are unable to connect with influencers or well-known individuals in your industry, you may get in touch with Instagram marketing service providers and seek their assistance.

You can share your account access with the partner and let them use your account for a day. Think about the potential offered by tapping into a whole new audience that is enjoyed by the partner brand or influencer.

Talk About Burning Issues

As consumers are getting conscious of their brand associations, you need to emerge as a brand that speaks out. Choose an ongoing social movement that you are passionate about and lend your support to it. It is a unique opportunity to review your content strategy and adapt to the latest happenings.

Remember, you have to genuinely care about it; otherwise, your followers will smell the hypocrisy from a mile away! If you are contributing to the cause, then announce it through your posts.

Behind The Scenes Content

It may feel as though Instagram is all about being picture-perfect. However, it is about being real. 

Hence, you can post all the bloopers and behind the scenes videos in your Instagram Reels to “keep it real.” In this way, you can take the opportunity to entertain your audience.

Play With Words

If you have run out of content ideas, then you can keep up with your posting routine while also maintaining quality by posting quotes. Adding text to your visuals allow you to put forth your brand message. 

Through this hack, you don’t necessarily have to capture new photos and can even work with stock images! Experiment with various fonts and typography to identify what suits your business. In this way, you can engage with the audience without promoting the brand.

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Final Thoughts

Whether you are a business, a brand, or an influencer, you can gain a lot by adding a splash of creativity to your Instagram profile. Try out different content ideas and strategies to find what works for you and keep innovating.

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