Basic Youtube Marketing in 8 steps

Youtube has long ceased to be an actual social media platform, but rather one of the largest TV platforms in the world and also the second most important search engine after Google: “If it happens, it happens on Youtube”.

For brands, YouTube is on the one hand a practical video archive in which they can be found with their videos. On the other hand, a well-maintained YouTube presence also brings more visibility on Google. YouTube is a perfect place to get more views from very targeted people. On the other hand, brands can also try looking for leads through various new automation marketing. There are many Ad Tech development services provided by companies like Sumatosoft mainly for such software developments which can help brands with user acquisition, brand building etc.

Basic Youtube Marketing in 8 steps

How should you go about building your Youtube marketing?

1. Create a YouTube channel

Open a YouTube channel for your company. It is best to do this with a Google Brand Account so that several employees can manage the channel. If you create the channel via your regular Google account, only the account holder can manage the channel himself.

Make sure you have an attractive banner image in the right dimensions (2560 x1440 pixels and a maximum of 2 MB in size). Use the «Channel Info» for a crisp self-description, for links to your website and other social media profiles, and enter your address and contact details.

By the way, you can also subscribe to and display channels yourself in order to give your users easy access to other relevant resources (e.g. the destination channel) and thus in turn to deliver added value. Meanwhile, you can also jump-start the journey and buy YouTube views. Networking is also a good idea on YouTube

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2. Learn from competitors

Check out your competitors’ channels and videos. Which videos are viewed the most and which are the least? What content are the viewers interested in? Use this information for your own videos. Also, check which keywords are used and use the same or similar keywords to rank better in the search and recommendations.

3. Learn from YouTubers

Play along: Watch videos on YouTube yourself and think about which channels and videos really fascinate you as a viewer and why. Try applying what you have learned to your own videos for more views, subscribers, and engagement.

4. Optimize YouTube for Google

In order to really benefit from the SEO effect, you should definitely upload new videos on a regular basis. Your channel info, the titles and descriptions of your videos should appeal to users, but also contain the relevant keywords.

By the way, the title can be up to 70 characters long, 60 characters or less are ideal so that they are displayed in full on all pages.

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5. Upload YouTube videos effectively

When you upload a video, you can choose from various preview images (“thumbnails”). In order to really use the most attractive image as a preview image and thus motivate you to look at it, you should create your own preview image, which you can also add text and logo to if you wish.

Write a crisp video description with a short explanation of the topic and content (don’t forget the keywords), with links to the relevant websites or suitable playlists and a few suitable hashtags – this will make your video easier to find on YouTube.

You can enter up to 15 hashtags, a few very relevant and specific hashtags are better than a long list.

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