Email Campaigns For Your Business Made Interesting With Video Emails

Video marketing has been taking off, and any digital marketer you ask will tell you that videos are a huge part of their marketing and advertising campaigns. People sign up for newsletters, and when you add videos to the mix, the click-through rates start soaring.

Email Campaigns For Your Business Made Interesting With Video Emails

This is because videos are much more engaging than text. And it’s a lot faster to watch a video instead of reading an email. So, the question is – how do you use videos in your email campaigns? It’s quite simple – video email.

Video Emails

1. Sending Personalized Content

For marketers trying to connect with audiences fairly quickly and improve response rates, embedding videos into emails seems like an effective strategy.

Video email can be personalized and custom-made to garner a quick response. Customers are more likely to click on the thumbnail and check out the content when it looks interesting. 

2. Share Across Various Platforms

If you’re sending bulk emails via different emailing platforms, you will find that linking them and automatically embedding videos to those email campaigns saves time and money.

One of the tools we suggest using is Hippo Video. It lets you create a Gmail video or any email video for that matter, connect, and share that across various platforms like HubSpot, Microsoft Outlook, SalesForce, etc. 

3. Make A Series

What’s one great way to make your fans look forward to your existing content? By creating a series.

You could literally kickstart a video series and send weekly emails containing fresh content. Your subscribers will be craving them, and if you’re giving them what they want, you can expect them to check out your products and services even more.

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4. Makes Selling A Lot Easier

Think about it this way. Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to upsell a product if you’ve already talked about it before? You could make videos that introduce updates and improvements to your existing lineup.

Every email, your customers will be happy to hear something new. Additionally, you could offer a behind-the-scenes view and show off workplace culture through these videos.

People love it when they can relate to the content they see. Video emails help you do that by making your brand relatable.

5. Get To The Point

What’s easier? Talking about a product with huge walls of text or showing how it works in less than 30 seconds? 

Your prospects are more likely to check it out with the second option. Plus, the engagement rates will go through the roof. Don’t take our word for it; try it out and see for yourself.

6. Showcase Customer Testimonials & Reviews

You can build the credibility of your brand by showcasing reviews and customer testimonials through email videos.

This is a fantastic way to get your audience to understand that what you’re doing for them is working. If you’re a brand with a vision, you simply wouldn’t want to miss out on this.

7. Connect To A Deeper Level

Video emails feel a lot more personal and emotionally connecting than content that has plain text and images. Human beings are social beings and enjoy visuals. There’s no way of getting around that fact.

Basically, videos make your brand look authentic and feel like genuine and real people. It adds that extra layer of depth and dimension which does good for your online presence.

How To Get Started

If you’re new to creating videos for your email campaigns, the good news is that you have Hippo Video on your side. They’ve got a fantastic library that is chockful of video assets.

From images, texts, animations, presets, filters, transitions, and more, their video maker is easy to use and extremely beginner-friendly.

But let’s set aside the software for now. What about the rest?

Having a Plan

Before even shooting your video, make sure you have the content planned out well. Think about what you’re going to talk about and try to keep the length of the video short.

Viewers have short attention spans, and nobody has the time to watch lengthy videos. If it’s a product promo or an intro to your services, try to keep it under 2 minutes.

Camera & Proper Equipment

You need the right gear to make high-quality videos. A good camera, cardioid condenser microphone, and a tripod stand with clips for mounting the camera in place – these should be your bare essentials.

If you can afford to invest in a wide-angle lens or get creative with telephoto lens kits, you can expand on the creativity of your content.

Again, the lighting and background for your videos matter. We won’t go in-depth into it but if you’re making vlog content, pay attention to this.

If you’re making an animated video promo, you don’t have to worry about this too much. You can actually make easy promos using HippoVideo even if you don’t plan to record any footage to edit it later.

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Using a CTA

At the end of your video, be sure to place a short CTA. This could be website links to your brand’s social media profile or product landing pages.

Your customers will have queries so you’d want to include your phone number, address, and other emails in the CTA too. Makes it a lot easier on your sales team to be more responsive to your audience that way.


The best part about using videos for your email campaigns is that you can get high-quality feedback. Since videos are easier to comprehend, your viewers will tell you instantly what they think.

You can make use of video analytics tools to get insights on how to improve your content and future email marketing campaigns as well.

If you don’t like the thought of embedding videos into your emails, you could simply place the thumbnail and link it to the video’s landing page. That’s a time-tested strategy that still works even today for digital marketers.

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