Top 9 Free Video Converter to Mp4

Wish to convert video to mp4? Searching for viable options that can convert video to mp4? This article contains all the right information using which one can convert video to mp4.

Top 9 Free Video Converter to Mp4

Stay tuned to find out the top 9 free video converter to Mp4 for a Windows/Mac system.

Digital media has leaped in the last few years. The quality of videos has increased drastically. Along with this, even the camera quality of smartphones has increased significantly. With so much technology available in the market, it is hard to retract. With this, the consumption of data has also increased.

Movies, shows, and videos are being downloaded from the internet continuously. Videos are being shared through social networking sites. All this is being stacked up on Windows/Mac systems considering the humongous storage options. There has been extensive usage of internal storage in the past few years.

There are instances where the storage space fills up to the brink with no free available storage. The real question is whether these videos are being rendered in the right format.

A format that compresses the file size without affecting the video quality. Such a file format that ticks on the right columns are popularly known as the mp4 file format.

What is the mp4 file format?

Mp4 is a digital multimedia compressed file format. Any file with the extension ‘.mp4’ is an mp4 file. The main advantage of using such a file format is that it can store other data items like images or subtitles. Another great thing is, it allows streaming on the internet.

The mp4 file format is the solution for all the problems faced by the users. It compresses the file size while preserving the audio and video quality. It is also known to enhance the quality of the video. Apart from this, it is universally acclaimed. So, the mp4 file format is accepted across all platforms.

Different cameras and smartphones record videos in different formats. In specific Apple products, videos are shot and stored in the MOV format. A format that is specially designed for the iOS/macOS. The problem with this file type is the amount of storage space it consumes.

Mp4 seems like a more viable option keeping the video quality in mind. A video converter to Mp4 can prove to be a worthwhile option. Below is the list of the top 9 free video converter to mp4.

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The top 9 free video converter to mp4 for Windows/Mac is:

1. Handbrake

It is an open-source video convertor designed for both macOS and Windows. The cross-platform program is also compatible with Linux. It accepts various inputs but can only convert them to MP4, M4V, and MKV formats. It contains a simple yet attractive user-interface.

It is a worthwhile option with some impressive features. It is widely used and a popular application amongst users.

In addition to this, it also contains a tool-box of advanced settings. These settings include adding subtitles, adding audio track, adjusting chapter, and changing video codec. Presets for quick conversions are an added advantage.

2. QuickTime

QuickTime is a pre-installed video converter for Mac that has a scroll of features. The user interface is straightforward. There are no advertisements. Another great point to add is there is no requirement for installing any software because it comes pre-installed. It is widely used and loved by many all over the world.

It offers a variety of features that are easy to use. It also allows the user to choose different resolutions. The main stand-out point being the quick video conversion. It is a great choice for Mac users and is highly recommended.

3. AnyVideo Converter

This video converter is available for both Windows and macOS. It converts videos hosted online. It handles both online and offline files well. The conversion of videos to mp4 is swift and easy. It has excellent format support.

It also contains other eye-catchy features including trimming, cropping, and rotating that can be used to improve the quality. It also contains options for video effects making it one of the best video converters.

4. Free HD Video Converter Factory

Designed exclusively for Windows, this quirky video converter does get the job done. The interface is extremely user-friendly. It contains a 10-second guide that can be helpful to newbies. It takes seconds to memorize and master the layout.

One of the downsides is that it does not support 1080p or full HD quality. It takes a few seconds to convert a video to the mp4 format. It also has options for cutting, cropping, and rotating grabbing the role of an editor. It has a ton of special effects adding to the creativity.

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5. Any Video Converter

Available for both Windows and macOS, this video converter is a worthy competitor. It has an attractive user-interface with a premium look to it. It can accept more than 60 input formats offering a painless conversion between various formats. It also allows the user to convert multiple videos simultaneously.

This video converter can also extract and convert audio from any given video to a vast number of formats. This software allows the user to download and convert YouTube and Google videos directly.  AVC is one of the best options to choose from with an array of features.

6. DivX Video Converter

A popular name in this field, the DivX video converter is used and loved by millions worldwide. It is available for both Windows and macOS. It is a video converter that also acts as an editing tool. The interface is clean and smooth. Plus, it also has a premium version with more features.

Apart from this, it also contains features to select the resolution, changing the aspect ratio, and changing the bit rate. Files can also be imported from Google Drive and Dropbox. These might be small touches but they go a long way.                        

7. Media Converter

This particular video converter is loaded with features. It extends its support for Mac, Windows, and Linux systems. It can convert all the popular video types to mp4 in an organized manner. The conversion is quick and effortless.

It also contains an option to adjust the bit rate. It maintains the quality of the video which is an essential parameter. Along with this, the user-interface offered by this converter is great.

8. Miro Video converter

The Miro video converter is open-source software that is simple to use. It extends its support for both Windows and macOS. It can convert various types of videos to mp4. Batch conversion is another great feature of this software. It has a simple user interface.

9. Movavi Video converter

A lightning-fast video converter, Movavi is a popular name. It accepts the batch processing of files. Apart from this, there is no loss of quality. It contains all the basic tools required for video conversion.

It can convert a vast number of video types to mp4. There are also options to rotate, crop, and merge video fragments doing the work of a video editor. It also has a premium version.


Mp4 has made quite a few changes in the world of storage. It has offered a quick solution to all the storage issues faced by users. Users can now store files without worrying about storage space.

The video converters mention above are some of the best tools available in the market today. They find a spot on the list and are highly recommended. Apart from this, they serve their purpose well by allowing the user to convert video files to mp4 files. The overall experience of the tools mentioned above is great.

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