TikTok Social Media Latest Gift to Business Marketing

In September 2016, ByteDance released TikTok. Since being made available to users, the application has taken the social media world by storm. Available on both Android and iOS smartphones, as well as now on desktop, the development centers around encouraging users to produce and post an array of short-form videos.

With a maximum of 60 seconds, creators record content in any genre of their choice, from comedy to education and sport.

Initially, TikTok was a follow-up to Musical.ly, which closed in the Autumn of 2018. However, the latest version of the video-orientated social media platform is far more diverse than its predecessor.

As TikTok doesn’t revolve solely around music and lip-syncing, it opens the door to new opportunities, including business marketing.

Naturally, some may question how a short-form video app would prove advantageous to a profit-driven company, but TikTok undoubtedly brings something to the table.

How to Download TikTok (Musical.ly) Videos Quickly?

There are four ways to download TikTok videos quickly: you can either download to your smartphone, use the downloader app to do it, via email or save it on pc. For more information, please read:

TikTok Social Media Latest Gift to Business Marketing

As such, here’s why TikTok is social media’s latest gift to business marketing.

A Platform Designed for the Creation of Unique Content

As briefly touched on above, the Chinese-owned app doesn’t restrict the genre of content that users can post. Naturally, some guidelines must be adhered to, although these do not hinder business promotion. On the face of it, TikTok is far from a traditional platform on which company owners seek to expand their consumer bases.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram – which possesses a 4.21 percent engagement rate – the video-driven app allows users to think outside of the box, and step away from the image and text-driven marketing approaches.


Of course, businesses should strive to expand the reach of their products and services. As such, registering with TikTok is a must.

According to data from Business of Apps, the platform amassed 1.5 billion total downloads during the 2010s, making it the seventh-most downloaded app of the decade. This showcases the potential market size that can be targeted via the free-to-use service.

Rather cleverly, in seeking to explore a new route to social media content creation, TikTok’s developers have created a platform that encourages the production of unique and entertaining videos.

Throughout the 21st century, a fun-filled approach has long been a focal point for various businesses. From an industry standpoint, online casinos have spearheaded strategies focused on attracting consumers by creating engaging content.

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In many ways, this all-inclusive and non-restricted style showcases just how similar TikTok’s content ambitions are to the online gambling industry’s.

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How to Make Your Business Discoverable on TikTok?

To succeed when striving to market a business on TikTok, it’s of utmost importance to understand the app’s algorithm.

According to the developers, the platform’s For You Page (FYP) works through combining numerous factors, including device and account settings, user interactions, and video information. In turn, these culminate in showcasing content that’s specifically catered to each user.

To effectively market a company through the app, account owners must work with the algorithm. Of course, creating high-quality videos is a given, but maximizing potential reach requires more than engaging content. Similarly to Twitter, TikTok incorporates hashtags.

Using the FYP hashtag ensures a greater chance that business-related content will appear on users’ home pages. Not only that, but keep an eye on the latest social media trends, as these often possess unique hashtags that can also drive potential consumer engagement.

On TikTok, trends are imperative to success. Somewhat regularly, new music captivates significant numbers of the platform’s users. As it’s possible to search via sounds, embracing on-trend movements opens the door to audience expansion.

However, don’t copy other content creators. Instead, integrate elements of your products and services within a video featuring popular soundtracks.

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A Social Media Platform Like No Other

While it’s possible to upload videos on numerous social media platforms, the sole focus isn’t usually on enhancing discoverability through short-form clips.

This is one of TikTok’s main objectives. Fundamentally, the service’s users are free to create engaging content within the app’s guidelines, and this means that marketing is on the table.

Although different from alternative developments, TikTok is undoubtedly a must-have app for those seeking to expand their audience base through the power of social media.

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