Invoice Apps for Android

Let’s face it – invoicing can be a daunting task. Creating accurate invoices, sending them out, and following up for payments consumes a lot of time. Unpaid invoices can disrupt the cash flow cycle of the companies; in fact, even small entities have to hire people to handle this part of the business.

Invoice Apps for Android

Many would be glad to know that the world has advanced to a level where small business owners can take advantage of cutting-edge technology. One such example is an invoice making an app that has enabled companies to manage their processes effectively, allowing them to save tons of time and money.

What to Look For In An Invoice Making App?

Invoicing is an essential component of every business. Fortunately, you will find plenty of options for receipt maker apps with useful features. But with an abundance of options, which app should you use for your company?

It is vital to choose an invoicing making app suitable for your business requirements or an app that can efficiently integrate with your business processes and culture. Let’s learn more about the specific features you should look for in an invoice making app.

Automated Invoicing: An invoice maker with features of automated invoicing can minimize errors that may arise in a manual invoicing system. These apps will allow you to schedule recurring invoices and be sent out on a specific future date with all the correct information that includes client name, address, quantity, and total balance. An automated invoicing feature can also calculate sales tax and match payment with invoices.

Progress Invoicing: Every project runs differently, having various stages of invoicing. More significant projects have milestones, hence as the project progresses, the invoice is raised as and when you hit the milestone.

If your business runs similarly, then you need a receipt maker that allows you to build invoices flexibly and according to the milestones achieved.

Custom Templates: Creating an invoice format from scratch can be difficult and takes time unless you have the right skills to do it on your own. An invoice making an app that comes with custom editable templates is what you really need.

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The app should allow you to choose a format from pre-uploaded invoices and customize it according to your taste. You may even add a professional touch to the invoice by adding the company’s logo. If you have clients in different countries, then you may assign currencies accordingly.

Real-Time Alerts: An invoice making app with built-in notifications will keep you updated on payment status. Receive read receipts when your client opens up your invoice and alerts whenever the invoices have been paid off or are past due. These alerts can also be forwarded to your client to let them know a payment is or will be due in a few days.

Best Invoicing Making Apps for Android

With dozens of options available, it still takes time to choose the best free invoice making app. Starting with a free app not only keeps your costs low but also keeps your invoicing in order. We have compiled some of the best invoice making software to help you make the right decision.

#1 Invoice 2Go

Invoice 2Go has recently penetrated the market with its incredible software. The company has been gaining popularity with an amazing on-the-go invoicing app. Using the app, you can make estimates, invoices, credit and debit notes, and purchase orders.

The app comes with an extraordinary interface and numerous features. Moreover, with the app, you can keep track of outstanding invoices, make estimations, and calculate tax.

#2 Invoice Maker

Invoice Maker by C.A. apps is a reliable solution when it comes to managing business invoices. With its super easy and user-friendly interface, you can create your invoices on-the-go. Moreover, you will find a wide range of pre-loaded invoice templates designed by professionals.

Choose the one you like the most, customize the colors and theme, and add your company logo for a professional look.

#3 Billdu

Billdu is an incredible invoice making app designed for small, mid-sized businesses and freelancers. The app allows you to generate invoices, track expenditures, and even capture feedback from customers.

Choose an invoice template from their library and add Q.R. codes, signatures, and company logo. Billdu is undoubtedly a fantastic tool that produces automatic alerts on outstanding invoices and payments.

#4 Smart Invoice

This android invoice making app lives up to its name by offering extremely efficient features and services. Creating invoices is just a matter of a few clicks with Smart Invoice.

The app comes with a quick and intuitive workflow. Furthermore, you can preview the app before downloading it to ascertain how your invoice would look.

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Parting Words

With all the free android invoice making apps mentioned above, it is high time to leave behind the invoice paper trail and embrace new technology.

Make the best use of your smartphone by installing one of these apps and managing your invoice needs while you are on the go. It will make you look professional and help you go a long way in ensuring your company works efficiently.

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