Human Proofreader versus Software

With many different proofreading software available in the market right now, you might think why still human proofreaders are required. With a single payment process, you will get instant year-round proofreading service for any documents by attaching it to your proofreading software.

Human Proofreader versus Software

The best part is you do not have to install this software onto your laptop; you will find a complete range of proofreading software to be accessed on the internet, 24hours a day, 7 days a week. Why bother taking the help of the human proofreaders? Let us check this out here!

To generate formal or academic writing of a high level will take a long time to master it, need hours of hard work, so it is right to think that proofreading of any writing should be done by somebody with a higher understanding of such prose. Thus, why trust your computer to know what is, or what isn’t the right piece of writing?

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What’s Proofreading Software?

Some of the editing or proofreading software, for example, Grammarly, apply AI or artificial intelligence to proofread your document. So, how does it work? AI is a science (art) to program computers to behave and think like a normal human being. Though it at the progressive technology, but has a very long way to make its mark.

You may think that Ms. Word’s checker is equally good—though it is—this is not artificial intelligence. Microsoft Word checks every word that you type against the dictionary. If in case, if you are interested to try some AI-based software then you can try to get Grammarly premium for free.

Human editors or Automated software– Know the difference

There is one area where the human editor will be highly preferred over the computerized one, mainly relevance to academic research or writing: assessing the use of field-specific words or terms. Both perform equally well at their level of checks and writing. It depends upon what you choose from both.

Therefore, you can safely contact writemyessays experts for the service of writing or editing any student paper, whether it is an essay or a term paper. This website is a great learning assistant and guide for improving your writing skills.

Human Proofreaders

Seeing that there are a lot of free and convenient software options that are available for proofreading and that will make your work a bit easier, why will anybody ever hire a human proofreader? Those who are pursuing the proofreading careers may also pack up & pursue an in-demand career. But, people still are taking proofreading programs and searching for jobs as a proofreader.

Proofreading Reports

The trouble with the proofreading programs is you generally need to be the qualified proofreader to understand analysis reports that they put ahead. Here is one common alert from the Word’s spell checker often seen in the document “Fragment to consider revising.” But, how and what exactly is a fragment?

You might have even tried fixing these problems many times through trial & error, but when you do not understand why a particular sentence is set wrong, probably you will not know how you can fix it in the first place. The program can do is just tell you what is wrong or leave you with very little advice over how you must correct your mistakes.

Some important areas that the proofreading addresses:

  • Grammar – Does writing use normally accepted word constructions? Note in a few cases, mainly for the dialogue or improper grammar will be included for an effect.
  • Punctuation – Does writing have all the right punctuation marks used rightly?
  • Formatting – Can eye easily follow such text? Does the layout of text, headings help in the writing flow or is this distracting?
  • References – Are bibliographies, footnotes, contents table, or other references in your work formatted as per the standards? Do you think they are error-free, for example, page numbers must match up with listings?
  • Spelling – Are words spelled rightly and are the right words used?

Go With Only Human

Editing & proofreading are human activities. As such, they will not be accurate always. But, having the trained eye to do both these tasks will highly improve the written work quality.

Perhaps robots can do this one day for us. Let’s see.

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Getting to an end, the proofreader will carefully examine the draft text or document as well as makes punctuation, spelling, grammar as well as inconsistency corrections just to ensure that text or document reflects the exemplary standard of English written.

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