Android Emulators

Android emulators historically were developed to run Android games on PC and MacGamers usually want better controls on the games they’re playing, and most of the time, their smartphones won’t let them do thatWith emulators, not only are games better played, for developers, it’s a great platform to test their apps before launching.

Android Emulators

Looking for the best Android emulators for PC? In this article, we’ve collated the most lightweight emulators in the gameThese are emulators without additional bloatware, quick to load, and are as powerful as the most used emulators out thereHere are the best lightweight emulators to for you to try:

Android Studio

Let’s face it; if you are looking for the best android emulators, the chances are high that you’re the type of person that wants total control on how you try and do thingsThis is why the Android Studio emulator is perfect for youIt gives you the freedom to download whatever Android app or game to your PC, but it also is virtually featherlight to run.

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Android Studio is free as well, so it has that going for itThe interface is simple, straightforward, and intuitiveThe emulator provides an entire set of developer tools for those who want to test drive their own Android appsAside from this, it also is the official developer studio from Google, so you won’t have to worry about its tools being obsolete.


One of the more unique emulators on the planet today, Archon is not a separate program that you install on your computerInstead, it is an extension that you add to Chrome that basically gives you the power to run Android apps and gamesThere is no better and more lightweight Android emulator than Archon if we are talking size alone.

After you download the extension, the next step is to find APKs, then load them in the extensionSome APKs may prove more difficult to work with than others, so you’ll have to find a roundabout way to install them properlyAside from that one glaring shortcoming, Archon is pretty much your average Android emulatorSince it’s browser-based, there’s no problem with compatibility on your operating system, whether you’re on Mac or PC.

Bliss OS

Another interesting Android emulator, Bliss OS runs like you average Android emulator on screen, but underneath, it’s also run on a virtual machine so you if you’re on the go, you can have the entire app on a flash drive and run the app from thereConvenient right? On top of that, Bliss has an array of impressive features including seamless integration with Android apps, with virtually no lag when testing an app update.

Perfect for developers, Bliss lets you check the compatibility of your new app updates (presuming you’re working on one or two) while giving you the platform to view existing appsIt can run the latest version of Android, so you don’t have to worry about future compatibility issuesIt’s XDA developers approved as well.


LD Player may not be the most sophisticated among Android emulators, but it has the simplicity of a lightweight emulator with the quiet power to run existing apps as well as future versions of themIt was originally made for gamers, and in its latest iteration, it’s still heavily leaning towards that communitySo if you want an emulator to play Android games mainly, this is the one for you.

One of the more beneficial features of LDPlayer is that it’s updated at least every month to fix some bugsObviously, these bugs are gamer-centric, which means the developer usually focuses their efforts on fixing bugs on the app through some major games like PUBG, Clash of Clans, etcFor developers looking for an emulator to run their self-developed apps, LDPlayer can certainly do that, but only to some degree.

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Most people will choose to have a robust and lightweight emulator if they have a choiceThat means these emulators listed should be the perfect choice for everyoneWhile these choices may not be for everyone, at least one of the emulators above will be the one for your specific needsDownload and try these emulators today!

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