USA Proxies

As a business, your security is paramount. You need to protect your privacy when conducting your online activities.

USA Proxies

Today, corporate security with the proxy server is the most reliable way to ensure your safety. Using a proxy server will provide you with peace of mind while protecting your business.

Do your customers complain of frequent site crashes? Proxies balance customer requests to your servers, ensuring that there is no overload. This helps to create a seamless customer experience.

The best USA proxies will keep your online presence anonymous. Why is this important? Proxies can protect your company’s research and development activities from spying competitors.

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What are Proxies?

Web proxies are servers that alter a user’s IP address without the need to encrypt online traffic. This allows you to surf the web anonymously and makes it hard for others to access your browsing data. Hence, you maintain your privacy online. Proxies also enable you to gain access to restricted web content.

Proxies are useful to both individuals and businesses. While individuals get to avoid advertiser tracking and enhance their online security via private browsing, companies use them for targeted online advertising, web scraping, and competitor analysis.

How do they work?

A web proxy masks your identity and serves as a middle man between your browser and the target website you are trying to access. Your browser then sends a request for access to the website through the proxy. Essentially, the details relating to your browsing history including your IP address, device, and location are saved not on your computer, but to that server. This works to enhance your online security.

Types of Proxies

You can find both free and paid-for web server proxies. Generally, paid proxies offer the best quality for your business. Besides, they can compress your online traffic, cache files, and even block website ads. Free proxies, however, may be hacked by both spyware and malware and are also shared between more than one user.

There are three types of proxies available:

  1. Residential Proxies

These are IP addresses that are assigned to you by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). They are connections to real-user IPs that are identical to real devices. These addresses are usually assigned to homeowners. Since requests are sent via residential IP addresses, they are deemed legit.

  1. Data Center Proxies

Data Centre proxies are IP addresses that are machine-generated and served by a server in a data center. They aren’t connected to an ISP, and the addresses are assigned by hosting providers with large pools of IP addresses.

  1. Mobile Proxies

Mobile proxy services are available for iOS and Android platforms and are fast becoming a vital tool for digital marketing companies. They run on a 3G/4G connection assigned from a mobile carrier to a user. You can now ‎view and monitor webpages and geo-targeted ads set within mobile apps.

The best Proxy Provider

The best proxy provider will present you with a network of servers across varying global geographical locations. This allows you to alternate between different servers and enables you to view content as it would appear if you were stationed in the given areas.

Features to look for when choosing proxies

Your proxy choice will depend on a number of factors. Key among them is the nature of your business and its specific needs. While different USA proxies offer a range of features and benefits, you will need to figure out which one best meets your needs and your budget too.

Below are certain considerations to bear in mind:

  1. Reliability

As a professional user, you need to consider three crucial factors; reliability, speed, and security. Go for high-quality proxies that offer high-speed connections while ensuring that your connection is safe and secure. The proxies should also be powerful and scalable, with unlimited bandwidth. Finally, confirm that your provider is legit and that their services are reliable.

  1. Dedicated Proxies

When you buy a dedicated proxy, you are the only one who can use that IP address. Dedicated proxy IP addresses are unique and exclusively dedicated to a single user. They also boast high levels of anonymity, security, and speedy connections. Semi-dedicated proxies, on the other hand, are shared between two or three users.

  1. Big IP pool

Using a single proxy, it limits your crawling ability, reduces your geotargeting options, and the number of concurrent requests you can make. Therefore, you need to create a big pool of proxies to send your requests through and enhance the effectiveness of your proxies.

  1. Proxy location

Ensure that your service provider has proxies in the locations you need, especially if you need access to websites located in other countries. This will ensure that you get optimized search results. Note that proxy service providers with multiple geographical locations typically allow you to choose your proxy locations and offer you city level targeting too.

  1. Full encryption

Make sure that your proxy server offers full encryption capability. This prevents unauthorized persons from accessing your information. Go for USA proxies that provide full encryption capability.

  1. Good customer support

Since your provider cannot guarantee you 100% uptime, they need to ensure that fast response good customer service is the hallmark of their service offering. In addition, fast response, friendly service, and a range of support channel options such as email, phone, and chat should characterize customer service.

What about additional value?

Choose a service provider who will offer you extra services such as:

  • Great server uptime
  • Dedicated account managers
  • A dashboard
  • 24/7 support
  • Choice of proxy location
  • Universal access
  • …and much more

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Final Thoughts

Proxies provide you with access to a network of alternative IP addresses while protecting your computer’s IP address. They are useful when you require an IP address from different geolocation. Consider the features that are most relevant to your business and buy a proxy that suits your circumstances.

Pick the right proxy by ensuring that you choose a reliable proxy provider who will offer you dedicated support and a large pool of proxies to cover most geolocations. You will then have no cause to worry about threats to your online security.

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