Trading Apps

Today, a high number of day traders are looking for ways to streamline their experience for investors from mobile apps. The day trading app generally caters to placing the orders, tracking down the stock trends, screeners, as well as alerts. Seeing the scenario today and huge demand for the trading apps, the fund management firms have geared up to launch their flagship application.

Trading Apps

Now real-time stock streaming data has actually made this to the mobile apps, and investors get access to the charts & analytical data for making important decisions. Here we will look at the top 10-day trading app that will make your day trading a breeze:

1. Charles Schwab

If you are looking for an all-in-one stock trading solution for handling both the banking & trading, there is not any better option than Charles Schwab. You will be able to manage the Schwab banking accounts & trading from the single platform by Schwab Mobile. You can deposit checks & immediately invest them—so no waiting for the transfers to process.

The international traders really like Charles Schwab’s Checking ATM cards that will be used in this world fee-free. Charles Schwab provides most research & news features, however, users who do not already have the bank account with Schwab cannot completely use the features if they do not open the account.

2. Stoxkart App

This day trading app will identify themselves as the no-profit brokerage. But, Stoxkart is still to a position among the best players. Beyond brokerage plans and charges, the client is searching for the value in an app. This comes with 2 mobile trading applications known as the Stoxkart Classic & Stoxkart Pro. Whereas the Stoxkart Classic version is for the beginners, and Stoxkart Pro generally aims in targeting the expert traders and investors.

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3. Stash

Stash facilitates the value-based stock trading investing, and where your investments & beliefs join the forces. Stash will be the best investing application for beginners. There’s not any account minimum, although per month fees can range from $1 to $9 that depends on the package that you have selected.

The mission of the Stash CEO was to build the educational investment application that made the financial services available to everyone out there. There will be no financial background and expertise needed.

We say that they have a very good job. And Stash will help you to understand what you are investing in or how to implement different investing methods. This platform provides 60 exchange-traded funds. Service can prompt you for completing the questionnaire for getting a little idea about “investment personality type”.

As per your answers, then it will categorize you as a conservative, moderate, and aggressive investor. Then you can select from many investments that correspond to the investment personality form.

With Stash, you also can build a custom portfolio with value-based investment choices. For instance, when you value renewable energy, you may invest in the companies, which are leading developments in this sector. For conscious investors, it is a win-win situation. You can learn about it in a comprehensive review.

4. ANT Mobi

This is one most cutting-edge day trading mobile app by Alice Blue and this app comprises of the features like:

  • Market & investment analysis with simple-to-follow tools
  • Real market data
  • Assess portfolio & useful news feeds
  • Simple and right orders placement that involve some taps

ANT Mobi day trading provides stable, fast and secures the mobile trading system

5. TradeStation

TradeStation’s day trading platform can be used for the professional traders and who needed the technical platform. With TradeStation’s TS GO new account option, even novice traders can have access to the professional-grade screeners as well as extensive development and educational tools for helping them to develop as the investors. One more strength for TradeStation is a number of offerings that are available for trading.

From the stocks to ETFs and futures contracts to the cryptocurrencies, TradeStation provides a complete range of the tradable assets. The assets can be complemented with many different educational resources and tools. Moreover, like is a case with some other brokerages. TradeStation provides $0 commissions overstocks & most ETFs.

6. Upstox App

Probably the leading player in this market has the heavy feature-loaded application guided by principle and more features will fetch a good number of users. The universal search tool allows users to find easy & complex stocks.

One best benefit is the charts accessible of the multiple intervals & multiple types of drawing styles. An ability to apply more than 100 technical indicators over real-time charts. The leveraging trade Chart feature, a user to trade directly from the charts and you will be able to set the unlimited alerts for the instant updates.

7. E*Trade

Next in our list is E*Trade and it was the first when it comes to investing platform online market. With the foundation in Silicon Valley & exchange technology online, this firm has made its name by providing internet trading while there were not any options.

At present, E*Trade has a mobile trading application as well as leads pack in terms of highly advanced features. Removing commission for the stocks & ETFs, and E*Trade is the easiest application to view the investments & seamlessly trade overstocks on the phone.

This is one of the best day trading app that has led the charge for the faster and trading tools online with many educational functions, as well. The entire point is it is very simple to use than the traditional investment ways.

Truth is that the E*Trade has a streamlined mobile application with many amazing features that are available. When logged on your mobile, you may access your investments and trade stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, as well as options.

There’re some highly complex trade options in case you are quite familiar with placing the buy & sell orders yourself. Majority of the E*Trade’s apps are simple to use, so you get the high execution speeds to get higher accuracy. But, the cost improvement statistics will put them below the industry average.

8. Astha Trade App

Asthatrade Wave app at present supports stock trading in the equity & F&O. They’re also planning to come with the commodity and the currency trading options too. The Marketwatch allows the user to make the personalized Marketwatch lists. Also, you may add and delete the new scripts.

The screeners will help to find the new hot stocks like the volume shockers, gainers and losers of a day, 52week high and low breakers, highly archived stocks, and more. The portfolio has got three main options: the current positions (that are square off positions), holdings (that are delivery positions visible), as well as cash (you can transfer funds to account).

9. Samco StockNote

StockNote is the SAMCO’s flagship trading app & investment app online powered by the Giga Trading Engine. The StockNote app is the most popular trading app, which offers built-in news and stock analysis. Certain features like simple buying & selling of the stocks & F&O contracts in Commodity, Equity, as well as Currency market are accessible for the trader.

The user will be able to set the Price Alerts, which allows you to set the alerts when the stock reaches a particular price. Users will take proper actions and begin trading based on the alerts. Besides that, investors will set alerts as per the Price, Change, or Volume. Time for the alert will be set from one day to six months.

One more key feature of this app is the Charting tools of the StockNote app. The charts verity with more than 100 kinds of indicators and tools is accessible for technical and investment analysis. The Guest User feature will be one best feature for the people to explore the StockNote App prior to becoming a customer of the SAMCO. And StockNotes is on a go trading accessible for the Android & iOS mobiles.

Right Way to Use the Stock Trading Application

Ideally, when you are searching at the best day trading app, you will gain access to all type of investment assets that are available out there, however, there are some more features that you must search out for that includes:

  • Simple-to-use features
  • Access on iOS & Android devices
  • Access for buying & selling orders on the phone
  • Management of your investments on phone
  • Fast & accurate trade execution
  • Accessible research & education tools all on mobile
  • Investment & banking account management through your mobile

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Final Words

There are a lot of traders out there that are drawn for day trading app by the possibility of making vast payouts–however with the possibility of the reward comes to the proportionate risks. The traders will be able to minimize the risks just by learning everything possible about this market or order execution prior to start trading by using real money. You can check out some of the most favorite and low-cost day trading courses in order to get started right away.

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