Buy Me A Coffee Review Get Donation For Your Creative Work

Buy Me A Coffee is a crowdfunding website that is aimed at a specific audience: online personalities and artists who are known for their creative work. When we talk about the crowdfunding platforms, Buy Me A Coffee has enjoyed an amazing rise in the public profile over the last some years.

The approach of BMC is rewards-based and it is different compared to other alternatives out there. Buy Me a Coffee makes it simple for innovators to support their creativity through donations and tips. One can use this in many different ways, like on the websites as a button or YouTube video links.

BMC offers an amazing reward-based platform where you can request your fans to “buy” you a coffee and show support. This is one of the most unique ways that artists, creators, and other experts will be able to earn some money. With today’s digital world and YouTube, it is a very good idea.

Buy Me A Coffee Review Get Donation For Your Creative Work

Let us check out the complete Buy Me A Coffee Review:

Who can use Buy Me a Coffee?

Buy Me A Coffee is an amazing platform that can be used by content creators or creative artists. It can be musicians, YouTubers, content creators, developers, podcasters, nonprofits, or whatever you find it!

BMC Membership Rewards Program

No matter what platform you use, getting benefits is always very beneficial. Suppose people are interested in donating to the Twitch gamers, a creator can easily make their living with the craft. You just need to engage your fan base and what they like about you as an innovator. Let us see how the platform works:

Find Something That People Want

It is your first step and also the most difficult one when looking to set down the membership rewards. You have to deliver something your audience wants from you as a creator. It means that you will miss a mark, however, this will help you find out what reward can be very appealing.

Finding something that your audiences want is an important aspect. Because if you do not provide something high-quality or engaging, you will not get a lot of monthly supporters.

Adding Reward 

After knowing what to add in our reward list, now you have to add this to your Buy Me a Coffee platform. Visit the BMC website and click on the “Members” option. Here you will be able to access all types of information available.

Members Report

On the main screen, you will learn how to generate every month, the total members you have, and the money you have made till now. You can change your view to see 30day or 90day member report.

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Share Your Rewards Addition in Post

After setting up your membership rewards and once you are ready to start paying for people, then comes sharing your addition in a post.

Why is it important to do? It is because anybody who visits your BMC profile will see you offering the new membership rewards. With this, you can share an email to anybody who supported you in that post.

It also includes your one-time supporters.

Write a Meaningful Post

In this section, you just have to write the blog post when adding any membership rewards, things you are offering, and all the other information that you want your audience to know.

Here you will require some important settings changes. Ensure you keep the particular post “Public.” Because the main reason for writing a post is to let everyone read the content & become members.

Share that Post Over Social Media

When the post goes live, it is very important that you share this on all your social media network. Doing this is important so that anybody who follows you will see you have the new membership rewards that are all set to go.

Why Do Rewards Matter?

It generally depends on the type of content that you create but makes a huge difference in how much you will make.

It is important what you promise it is delivered if you are looking to keep the subscribers sending out money to you. For any subscription-based network, it is all about the consistent quality service.

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How Much Does It Cost?

The best part of using Buy Me a Coffee is that there are not any monthly fees. All their amazing features are for everybody to use.

They charge just a 5% transaction fee, in that creators will keep 95% of their amount. We only make money when you do.

Buy Me A Coffee Features

  • Adding a page takes just 2 minutes and it is easy to start and no requirements to have the page.
  • To create your page at BMC, you don’t have to pay anything. It’s totally free.
  • Add BMC on a Medium page.
  • Buy Me A Coffee is supported in more than 200 countries.
  • No minimum payout and get payments instantly.
  • Easy to track views, transactions & revenue in real-time.
  • One can rename Coffee to whatever they like.

Bottom Line

Buy Me a Coffee is one of the most flexible crowdfunding platforms that has almost no restrictions on the projects than its rivals, and simple to add and use.

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