New Era of iGaming Why Gamblers Shift to Crypto Gambling

In 2019, the crypto market celebrated the first decade of Bitcoin. The birth of a class of digital assets innovated the potential of decentralisation and blockchain tech. They have made a distinct image as a valuable form of currency, albeit being relatively new in the financial sector. Their one decade of existence is, well, less than a dot in the context of fiat money.

Then again, market analysts are confident of the paradigm shift in value and payment options. As cash, credit and debit cards are not the only options anymore, crypto is the innovative solution for the digital world.

They are no longer viewed as trends, rather as an inevitable ideal digital currency. Among many that tapped their uses and benefits is the iGaming sector. 

New Era of iGaming Why Gamblers Shift to Crypto Gambling

Today, both crypto junkies and experienced gamblers find themselves enjoying more in online crypto casinos. Find out why they prefer crypto gambling, and why you should also take the change. Who knows, these sites might be where you could find your lucky game.

Top 5 reasons

Allow us to paint to you what crypto gambling actually is, how they are different from conventional gambling, and what makes them so special.

1. Safety and Security

The world is scary, and so is the internet. With deceitful people and rogue institutions skulking behind the vast and unregulated cyberspace, threats and exposure are at stake.

Thanks to AI and blockchain tech, crypto casino operators now have the upper hand of quickly discerning digital dangers that would impact the safety and security of their users.

The use of blockchain tech is already an assurance that the site you are playing at is fair.  Do note that standard casino sites require customers to give them private and personal details, notably, credit and debit card details. When all else fails, it’s heavy double trouble that involves a lengthy process of filing reports. 

Whereas for the former, they remove the tiresome task of filling out details. Instead, what you only need to provide are IDs, email, and a minimum balance, which would only take just a matter of seconds. 

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2. Crypto casinos allow you to play wherever you are

Even with online casinos like 918kiss etc, gamblers can’t play wherever they please. There is what they call ‘geolocation-based restrictions’. This means poor and/or limited access due to the jurisdiction of state laws over the sites. 

Another drawback with standard casino sites is their limited support of fiat currencies. As ever, they are subject to the player’s location. With crypto casinos, you can play their games without ever dealing with restrictions imposed by state governments. As long as you have crypto coins to bet on, you are good to go.

3. Betting on crypto casinos is cheaper

Bear in mind that crypto was created during the Great Financial Crisis (2007 to 2009). The core idea behind their existence is to provide a ‘trust-less’ cash system. It is a solution to solve the problems imposed by fiat currencies, such as third-party middlemen and additional costs for needless transactions.

You would be happy to know that crypto casinos have little to no transaction fees, low withdrawal fees and deposit costs. Another joy when playing in this type of casino is in its exclusive titles, where they can only be played under a certain virtual asset. 

4. Generous bonuses and promotions

While both standard and crypto casinos almost have similar types of bonuses, they differ in value. Virtual currencies, notably Bitcoin, Ether, and Monero, have insane levels of value over the years.  

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5. The crypto wave

The fifth and last reason is quite obvious but demands to be restated again. Whether you have found your lucky game or not, playing in crypto casinos is already a guaranteed win.

A lot of industries are adopting their uses and benefits. What better way to get familiar with how each asset works than in a fun and entertaining platform? 

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