Word Games Hacks Quick and Easy Strategies to Win Games

Everyone loves a good game of Word Games like Scrabble, Words with Friends, Boggle, and Hangman. But have you ever been stuck playing someone who keeps beating you?

Would you like to put an end to that once and for all? If so, we’ve got the perfect wordplays words with friends cheat for you! These strategies will help you learn how to win your games without fail. You’ll be able to increase your vocabulary and win every time!

Word Games Hacks Quick and Easy Strategies to Win Games

Simple Tricks and Strategies to Demolish Your Opponents!

1. Place Letters Around Bonus Tiles

Whenever you can place letters on tiles that count for multipliers, examples are the ‘x2’ and ‘x3’ tiles that appear in Tripe Word and the ‘double letter score’ tile in Boggle. If your game allows for it, you should always opt for these whenever possible.

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2. Keep Your Eyes on These Eight Magic Letters: A, E, I, L, N, R, S, and T

These letters are worth more than one point each, and they will boost your score by a considerable amount if you can use them to form words.

These eight magic letters are important to keep an eye on A, E, I, L, N, R, S, and T. Whenever you can place them down, don’t pass them up! You’ll thank us later.

3. Memorize Two-Letter and Three-Letter Words So You Can Rack Up Points

It can be hard to think of words when you’re just starting a game. However, if you keep your eyes peeled for two and three-letter words, your vocabulary will expand rapidly, which is an incredible advantage during the later rounds.

Many people can finish high on the leader board simply because they took the time to memorize a long list of short words!

4. Be on The Lookout for Scrabble “Bingos.”

Some games have a bingo square. These special tiles give you numerous additional points for completing words for which you get one or two letters. Often, the rule of the game will say that words formed from these letters count as triples.

This is extremely useful when forming words from the odd letters on the game board. When creating a word, try to get two of these tiles down so you can add another point to your score!

5. Know Your Prefixes and Suffixes

Prefixes and suffixes are the most important parts of Scrabble. To gain points, these are the tiles you should look for. Any time you play a word that starts with a prefix or suffix, you’ll get an extra point.

For example, if you’re playing Words with Friends, you’d want to make sure that every word you create has at least one letter that starts with ‘u.’

6. Use Q Sooner Rather Than Later

Most games have a “Q” tile, which is the highest scoring letter. That being said, it can be incredibly helpful to use the Q sooner than later. Try to use your Q tiles as soon as possible if you can hold onto them until the late rounds and thus build up your score.

7. And Learn Words That Use Q But Don’t Need a U

In many games, if you have the Q (or an E) but don’t have the U, you won’t get anything out of that letter, which is why it’s important to learn words that use Q but don’t need a U.

The best way to achieve this is by playing games that have other word types in which you can use Q and still earn points.

8. Save Letters J, X, Or Z For Double or Triple Points

Knowing how to use these words effectively during the game can make all the difference. Use them if you find yourself in a position where these letters are on the board.

Don’t be afraid to spend a turn playing a J, an X, or a Z just because they’re there; if anything, you should play them more often than not. This way, you’ll be able to make the most of your available letters so that the extra point multiplier pays off.

9. Try to Find Opportunities For “Hooks.”

It may seem a little creepy, but there’s a reason why these words are called “hooks.” It would be best to use it whenever you see one that you can fit in your world.

You may not get the most points out of it, but you shouldn’t pass up this chance to score some extra points because it may hurt your ability to make the word later on!

10. And Use Parallels Wisely

Many games use parallels to score extra points. If you can learn words that use parallels, you should do so and incorporate them into your word list.

This is especially true if you’re going for a high score in Boggle or Tripe Word, which both have tiles that earn more points when they’re completed with a parallel.

11. Read the Dictionary or Subscribe to A Word of The Day

It’s surprising how much you can improve your vocabulary simply by reading the dictionary! It’s helpful to keep it on your desk and pull it out whenever you’re looking for words.

Playing games with a wide variety of letters for each game is another great way to expand your vocabulary. This is a particularly good tip for Hangman, which requires selecting random letters from a list of possible choices.

12. If Times Get Tough, Trade In Your Letters

Most games have a trading system where you can trade letters and score more points. If you’re looking to take advantage of this system, it’s important to know the best options.

This is often a better choice than simply going for another bonus tile or the “Q” tile, as the latter usually won’t give you anything in return.

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The best word game hacks can do more than help you win. They can be used to improve your vocabulary, which is a great advantage in the modern world where reading is quickly fading away.

By following these hacks, you’ll be able to use Scrabble, Words with Friends, and Tripe Word to dominate tabletop games and increase your vocabulary. It’s also an excellent way to take your speaking skills to the next level, which can be difficult to train away from those games.

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