Best Apps You Never Heard Of

Modern smartphones can perform many more tasks than it seems at first glance. The scope of mobile technology is huge.

However, few people are aware of the existence of apps to see more of the potential of mobile gadgets.

A vivid confirmation of this is our selection of interesting software solutions that allow you to find the most unexpected applications for mobile devices.

Best Apps You Never Heard Of

Diet Performance Analyzer

The Keyto startup has developed a device for analyzing the ketogenic diet and a mobile app associated with it.

The ketogenic diet is a popular type of low-calorie diet with a high fat intake and moderate protein intake. As a result of this diet, the body begins to intensively burn fat instead of carbohydrates.

The device from Keyto allows you to evaluate the content of acetone in the exhaled air. It is believed that thanks to this data, it is possible to track the level of ketones in the blood, the amount of which increases during the ketone diet.

This allows the user to evaluate the effectiveness of their diet. Using the mobile app, they can also get tips on how to improve their results and adjust their diet.

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Child care application

Two devices from the Littleone startup called Smart-Battle and Smart-Peepee allow parents to monitor the nutrition process and the condition of their children’s diapers using a mobile app. Smart-Bottle is a smart feeding bottle.

It can track the temperature of the milk it contains and tracks the baby’s feeding mode. Smart-Peepee is a sensor for diapers that are hung on the outside of them and analyzes the humidity level.

Both devices report the received data to the mobile app; and parents, respectively, receive notifications that it is time to feed the baby, or that the milk in the bottle is cold, or it is time to change the diaper.

Interactive water packaging

An interesting example of augmented reality is demonstrated by the Zappar app and the manufacturer of aseptic cardboard packaging SIG. The result of this collaboration is interactive W-in-a-Box water packages.

With the help of the augmented reality app, the user can admire animated advertising characters, read about the benefits of mineral water, the use of eco-friendly packaging, and also get acquainted with the product range playfully.

Virtual hair coloring

MadisonReed has created an app that allows users to try out their range of hair colors in real-time. The fitting takes place using augmented reality technology.

Through the camera, a woman can see how her hair will look in more than 40 colors. For ease of decision-making, the screen is divided into two parts, which can be used to compare your current hair color with the desired one.

Smart hair straightener

Glamouriser salon brand decided to “revitalize” the hair straightener by making it smart and linking it to a mobile app for control.

The Blue Smart Straightener allows hairdressers to remotely turn off the device, adjust the temperature depending on hair types, and set reminders for styling procedures.

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Trying on clothes on your own 3D model

SenseMi has created and patented a technological solution for remote clothing fitting called ViuBox.

The app was created for online clothing stores and allows customers to try on any item on a 3D model of their own body. You can create your own avatar by using a comprehensive body scan or manually entering your own parameters and uploading a selfie to the app.

An app that lets you choose a cat

Tinder dating app inspired Dare to create a service with similar functionality but designed to allow stray cats to find their home. Just like in Tinder, users can swipe profiles right and left; but instead of people, the photos will show cats.

The app mainly tries to accommodate black cats, as finding a home for them can be more difficult due to popular superstitions.

Buying goods on Amazon with the camera

Snapchat has created a new tool for its mobile application, which allows you to buy goods on Amazon using a visual Snapchat search.

This feature allows Snapchat users to point the camera at items or bar codes, after which the application will be able to recognize the goods and offer to buy an exact copy or analog of them through Amazon.

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Location-based reminders

The NearMinder app is a new reminder service that, unlike its analogs, works with reference to geographical location.

What does this mean? If the owner of the phone is close to a certain person or place with which he has some plans, the app will remind him of what to do. This allows you to solve tasks along the way without breaking your own schedule.

Control your smartphone with your eyes

The Hawkeye Access browser is a new iPhone solution based on ARKit. The app allows people with physical disabilities to work with a smartphone without using their hands. You can navigate the app using eye movements that are tracked by the device.

For example, buttons and apps can be enabled by gazing or blinking, while search queries are made by voice.

Travel booking with photos on Instagram

Easyjet’s Look&Book app lets you book your travel using photos in your Instagram feed.

After seeing an interesting photo, the user can take a screenshot of it, recognize the location, and buy tickets. The process is thus reduced to several minutes or even seconds.

Identification of authenticity of the furniture

Furniture and home goods brand Moooi from the Netherlands has come up with a way to combat counterfeiting of its own products using a mobile app. The app works with a special sensor – a button that is attached to each branded product.

By holding the phone to this chip, the user will be able to identify the product and make sure that they are buying a genuine item, and not counterfeit.

The application for measuring hand luggage

The Dutch airline KLM has developed an application that allows you to measure the size of hand baggage with a smartphone camera.

Using augmented reality technology, an airline’s signature suitcase is placed on top of the passenger’s bag.

The size of the case makes it easy to see whether the luggage fits properly or not.

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