Faster Robot Deployment

If your industry has been in the market for a long time, you’ve probably used the traditional robots for automationAnd while they were somewhat effective, one of their biggest flaws was the deployment time.

These robots would take weeks, even months, to be fully streamlined into the production systemAdditional time was also required to familiarize workers with the robot.

Faster Robot Deployment

This process greatly affected the manufacturing process.

Modern robots, however, are very differentIn the case of collaborative robots, it’ll only take you a few hours to deploy the robot into your production.

But why is this deployment time important?

Below, we’ll look into five things faster deployment of robots could do for your business.

1Maintain your Production speeds

Whenever a new machine is introduced to an industry, in most cases, the production declines for a while – as it’s incorporated into the system.

However, the longer the deployment of the machine takes, the slower your production becomes.

That’s why you need a robot with a fast deployment time.

True, it might take some time for everyone to be familiar with the machine, but as long as it’s running, your production won’t be affected.

Once the robot is integrated into the system, it’ll increase not only the production speeds but also everyone’s productivity.

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2Faster ROI

The prices for robots today are lower than they’ve ever beenBut still, they’re quite costly for any industryTherefore, once you invest in one, you expect to start getting your ROI as soon as possible.

But this won’t happen if your deployment time is too long.

Remember, the longer it takes for the deployment, the longer it will take for the robot to start making you profitSome robots may even have a 5-year ROI, depending on when you deployed them!

Are you willing to wait that long?

Robots with a fast deployment time, on the other hand, will start working right from the day you bought themIf all goes well, in less than 12 months (as in the case of Cobots), you’ll have your ROI.

3Faster production response

When there’s a high demand for your goods during the peak season, you need to have a robot that is ready to start working.

So, if your robot’s deployment takes too long, you might not be able to meet the customer’s demands on timeAlso, if your employees have a hard time interacting with this new machine, your production might stall.

That’s why a fast yet friendly robot is crucialCollaborative robots are very easy to use and have a quick deployment time.

A robot like that can instantly be incorporated into the production line to deal with most of the repetitive tasks or work in the health-hazardous departments.

4Save weeks’-worth of work

When deploying a robot into your production, there’s a lot that goes into it.

For one, you’ll have to streamline it to the system; then, you’ll have to train your workers on how to use it safelyAnd that’s the hard part.

You’ll also have to identify the areas needing automation, work on the floorspace, and maybe hire one or two experts to monitor the machine.

As such, this process can take weeks to complete – and wastes a lot of production time.

Collaborative robots, however, are quite straightforwardThey’re easy to set up and program, and needs no expert to operate – your workers can easily operate them.

You, therefore, save the time you’d have used for the process to improve your productivity.

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Final Thoughts

Investing in a robot isn’t enough for your industryYou need a robot with a fast deployment timeMore rapid deployment means faster ROI, better production response, and production consistency.

Robots that take longer to deploy can pose a big risk for your businessThey can drag down your production and make it impossible for you to compete in the market.

Therefore, before choosing the robot for your manufacturing, ensure that its deployment time suits your business goals.

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