People Who Became Millionaire By Trading Bitcoin

Bitcoin is slowly invading the real world. It gains a lot of attention. Even it is in the industry for about ten years. Even though it has been in the market for quite some time now, the number of people investing in this network is continuously increasing.

Are you planning to enter the world of crypto and hoping that you could be one of the top millionaires because of bitcoin trading? Well, let us give you some source of motivation.

In this post, we are going to provide you some visionary investors who tried and achieved their luck in Bitcoin. For more information, you can visit here like this software.

People Who Became Millionaire By Trading Bitcoin

So, if you want to know more about it, let’s start.

Roger Ver – 520 Million US Dollars

Originally, Roger Ver was raised in San Jose, California. But he’s now living in Tokyo. He is one of the first followers of Bitcoin since it was launched to the public.

He tries his luck, considering the huge investments in startups of Bitcoin. By simply trading bitcoin, he accumulated about 520 million US Dollars.

Ver is a great supporter of Bitcoin because it offers economic freedom compared to other banking systems and fiat currencies.

His advocacy leads him to be called in the cryptocurrency world’s “Bitcoin Jesus.” Even though he cannot walk in the air just like what the real Jesus can, he had showered half of his traded money to charity works.

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Charlie Shrem – 450 Million US Dollars

Charlie Shrem is a resident of New York. He is the second top bitcoin millionaire. Aside from that, he is considered by many as a bitcoin influencer. His luck started because of his clever decision.

He purchased a huge amount of bitcoin tokens weeks before its price exploded. Through this and his other investments had helped him to gain a total of 450 million US Dollars.

This guy is very optimistic. He doesn’t want to imprison himself in trading bitcoin. That’s why he asked the help of Roger Ver to develop Bit Instant. This move of Shrem led him to found guilty because of money laundering.

He got his freedom in 2016 after being imprisoned. After that, he continued trying his luck and started to develop Intellisys Capital, a site that sells investment portfolios in companies run by blockchain.

Dave Carlson – 350 Million US Dollars

Unlike the aforementioned Bitcoin millionaires, Dave Carlson earned his 350 million US Dollars from bitcoin mining. Originally, he was raised in North America. In Washington, he decided to start bitcoin mining.

He joined the world of Bitcoin back in 2010. He works as an engineer at Microsoft. Carlson is amazed by the benefits offered by Bitcoin.

That’s why he developed MegaBigPower to mine Bitcoin tokens. As of the moment, he earns 8 million US Dollars monthly.

Jered Kenna – Estimated 300 Million US Dollars

Jered Kenna proved that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are open for all, despite your backgrounds. He is a former US Marine. He is from San Francisco. In his homeland, he operates 20Mission and craft brewery as his business.

His journey with Bitcoin started when he decided to invest his 20 cents in Bitcoin. He sells one Bitcoin token for 200 US Dollars, which allowed him to taste the pleasure of success.

He also joined dark bitcoin mining pools, wherein different people are allowed to invest privately. This guy is also a popular name in the world of crypto.

This is because he accidentally reformatted the hard drive that led him to lose around 200,000 US Dollars.

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Try your luck in Bitcoin and be one of the top Bitcoin millionaires just like the names stated above.

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