Key Ranking Factors For Bankruptcy Lawyers SEO

Key Ranking Factors For Bankruptcy Lawyers SEO

The Changing World of Marketing Strategies

It was not too many years ago that companies probably did not know what SEO meant or how vital SEO would become to that company.

While many businesses, including law practices, still use some of the old traditional marketing techniques, companies have turned to a different way of marketing products and services through the world wide web. 

The internet is here to stay, is not going away, and is offering higher technologies related to marketing campaigns. The internet provides companies, including law practices, ways to get into the public’s eye faster with a response time from potential clients in a matter of seconds.

The internet helps law firms consistently bring in more clients in a matter of seconds, which increases their profits and helps a law practice grow due to the efforts of digital technologies.

Attorneys know that if they do not constantly market the services offered, that law firm becomes stagnant and will not grow.

The big problem is that law firms know about the law, but few lawyers know how to pull off successful marketing and attorneys do not have the time to spend on marketing services. However, successful lawyers should at least understand the algorithms of SEO that can change daily.

Marketing companies quickly saw a need to target and market-specific businesses. The ideal marketing company focuses on only one industry versus multiple sectors.

For example, some marketing companies market several different industries while other marketing agencies specifically target the medical industry or the law industry.

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Key Marketing Factors of SEO for Law Practices

The ideal law marketing company must be skilled in all branches of the law. Law marketing has many different components, including but not limited to some of the following, enabling the marketing company to use specific SEO for the law industry, including wrongful accident/injury/death, taxes, family law, bankruptcy law, and more.

Marketing strategies change all the time. However, SEO professionals ensure that a law practice has complete online visibility by constantly analyzing trending marketing techniques.

Law marketing companies strive for a long-term online presence. These professionals make sure that a specific law firm, such as bankruptcy law, sits high in Search Engine Rankings and constantly improves successful website presence through internet marketing campaigns.

Successful law practice marketing comes when our agency uses the best SEO practices that place a law firm on Google’s page one and no further than page two. Those companies rated on Google’s page one consistently draw in more clients, proving successful results. 

Page one ranking on Google and other search engines take hard work and daily strategy. Attorneys do not have this extra time to market. Nor do most attorneys have the expertise to constantly and successfully market their company. 

Hiring the right SEO professionals assures that a law firm’s presence remains high in the ratings. We utilize specific tools to make this happen, such as, but not limited to, 

  • Adding Backlinks
  • Using social media and the press
  • Constantly changing blog posts about your law firm
  • Making your law website easy to find, easy to read, and simple to navigate

Know the Basics of What Your SEO Agency Does

An attorney should know what is happening to their law firm’s website and understand the changes made to their website, such as, programming, the website’s content, and the promotions offered within that website. We spend a lot of time working on rankings for different law firms, and our goal for a law firm’s website is to sit high in the rankings.

We spend as much time researching the perfect law website for all law firms. We individualize your website for your specific practice.

Daily research means that we keep up to date on all the different formulas that formulate high-quality and relevant ads and web pages for the public to find easily.

This extensive research makes it easy for potential clients to find and read about what a law firm can offer them.

Our law firm clients need to update their SEO strategy frequently throughout the year due to the new technologies in today’s digital marketing world.

  • We utilize all the tools available, such as monitoring your competitors and other SEO agencies.
  • We gather together all blogs and newsletters related to your specific industry.
  • We monitor announcements from Google and its employees. 
  • We conduct A/B testing and collaborate with other industry professionals.

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Where to Find the Perfect SEO Professionals

Law firms offering the public a seasoned bankruptcy lawyer should never hire the first bankruptcy lawyer SEO marketing firm they find and know that decisions made on a whim set them up for an unsuccessful outcome.

It is to the advantage of law firms to do some research first, or that firm will waste a great deal of money going through SEO agencies that are not a good fit for them.

Most law firms have a specific budget for marketing purposes. Never waste this money hiring the wrong SEO professional, because hiring a bad SEO company can damage law firm profits and decrease the client base.

Law firms need to know what marketing techniques an SEO agency uses for their firm. If the attorney does not take the time to find out the SEO agency’s goals for their firm, this can create future problems for the firm.


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