Everything You Need To Know About Casino Utan Licens

Have you ever played at an online casino? If you are from Sweden, you’ll probably come across the term casino without a license.

Playing at such gambling sites isn’t necessarily illegal, as these providers are licensed in another European country or one outside of Europe, such as the UK, Malta, Gibraltar, etc. The winnings of Swedes aren’t taxable as long as they play at casinos with a European gaming permit.

Everything You Need To Know About Casino Utan Licens

Here is everything you need to know about casino utan svensk licens in terms of rules and benefits. 

Pros and cons

Casinos with a license have become popular in Sweden since 2019 when a new law regarding online gambling games was introduced. In accordance with the new law, licensed online casinos should have a locking system, which allows players to lock themselves out of gambling sites permanently or for a given period. In contrast, unlicensed casinos have no locking system, offering no break to players if they need it. 

Moreover, gambling sites without a Swedish license have a different set of rules. Players are provided with a wider range of bonuses and payment options to choose from.

Also, online casinos with an EU gaming license offer a larger selection of games due to their collaboration with numerous game developers. 

Gambling websites with a Swedish license, on the other hand, rely on a gaming break as a security system to ensure responsible gaming.

Nevertheless, this break doesn’t appeal to many players who don’t want any limitations. Additionally, the introduction of this license has brought changes to the bonus system, as online casinos are restricted in terms of offering welcome bonuses.

For instance, a welcome bonus can only include a deposit bonus of a maximum of SEK 100, free spins, or a free bet of the same value. The number of payment options in licensed gambling sites is more limited as well, discouraging some players from trying their luck.

Man Playing Online Casino

Online casinos with a Swedish license have their own advantages. The restrictions mentioned earlier are designed to stimulate gamblers to play more responsibly. Also, players are provided with the possibility to log in more easily, as they create a gaming account with their personal BankID.

Since these sites are allowed to offer nothing more than a welcome bonus, they compensate for the lack of bonuses by providing an amazing gaming experience.

In addition, licensed gambling providers in Sweden allow players to use Trustly, a payment service offering quick deposits and fast withdrawals.

Find out more about the history and security of Trustly. Conversely, when playing at a site with a foreign gaming license, you should read through the rules and conditions of the gambling site first. 

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Things to keep in mind before playing

There are certain things to keep in mind prior to becoming a player in a casino without a Swedish permit. The initial step to take is looking for the gaming license linked to the site, usually denoted at the bottom of the front page.

Also, the bonus systems in foreign casinos are different and more generous. Therefore, you should read through the bonus terms related to free spins and deposit bonuses. 

Furthermore, gambling sites with a European permit follow different rules than those with a Swedish permit. The latter has to abide by Sweden’s laws and adhere to the rules imposed by the Swedish gaming authority.

Online casinos with no Swedish license accept players from Sweden, meaning gaming isn’t illegal. Players can use secure payment methods, such as MasterCard, VISA, e-wallets, and Zimpler.

In terms of waiting time, some gambling sites with no Swedish license might take up to three days to verify a new account. These gaming providers also differ in the time they need to approve a withdrawal request. Some of them take hours to get these requests approved, whereas others approve the requests almost immediately.

There is a number of reasons why foreign casinos don’t apply for a Swedish gaming permit. Most of them refuse to do so because the process of application is costly. Also, there is no guarantee that the gambling provider will get a permit after paying the required amount. 

Political reasons are to blame as well. The Swedish gaming law prevents online gambling providers from owning more than four licenses in total.

This law doesn’t go in favor of most companies, as they don’t wish to risk losing their other European permits issued in Malta or the UK. 

Trusted gaming licenses

There are some trusted gaming licenses to have in mind before delving into the world of online gambling. One of the most popular gaming permits is the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

Although Malta is a small country, it is home to approximately 4,000 casino permits. The UK Gambling Commission is another popular authority, which focuses on responsible gambling.

Gibraltar gaming license was created in 2005, allowing this country to issue permits for lotteries, casinos, and betting. In order to receive such a permit, gaming companies are obliged to meet the high demands regarding players’ protection. 

Curacao is a Caribbean island that has been issuing gaming permits for the longest. Since Curacao isn’t located in Europe, Swedes are obliged to declare their winnings.

Estonia is another small European country that provides foreign players with an opportunity to play in their casinos. This wasn’t the case till 2011, as Estonian citizens were the only ones allowed to play until then. 

Do you pay tax?

Tax is of great importance to players, which is why they need to learn whether they’ll be required to pay tax when playing at a site with no Swedish license. It depends on the country where the permit is issued.

For instance, at online casinos with a European license, the winnings of Swedes are tax-free. Nevertheless, Swedes are taxable on their winnings if the gambling site has a permit from a country outside of Europe.

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Final word

Online gambling has become a popular trend. 

Be careful in your choice of provider!

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