Best 5 Ways To Convert PDF To Text Online Using OCR Technology

Best 5 Ways To Convert PDF To Text Online Using OCR Technology

What is OCR technology?

 Optical Character Recognition facilitates you in the transformation of pdf files or static images into editable pdf documents.

OCR is to transform a text containing a picture into an editable file which is a digital gift for industry experts such as teachers, physicians, and attorneys.

We all imagine how we can have some easy methods to get the text out of PDFs. There is good news for all of those people.

Now you don’t have to waste time typing all the text into a document from the PDF file. Several programs or software are available these days which can be utilized.

The technology that this software uses is called OCR technology. It stands for optical character recognition. It produces the digital kind of the types, scanned, or printed versions of the documents. As a result, you don’t have to type every single word manually. 

Why do we need OCR?

The number of hours that is lost when a text is being rewritten for digitization purposes is extremely high. OCR applications save you from the trouble of copying the written words and therefore dramatically lower the time consumption for a specific document.

These tools lead to preventing paper-based document storage space and improving workflow efficiency.

There are multiple reasons for which you want to use this technology. 

  1. The text can be pasted from PDF or image into the Microsoft office document. 
  2. It can capture the textual content into a file directory. 
  3. You can convert handwriting into digital kind.

One of the famous situations is data entry. Ever since the computers have come into play humans have looked for ways, they can have computers do the work for them i.e. OCR is a fine example.

So, whatever the situation is, the technology of this kind is extremely helpful. People have almost always come across a situation where they have to use this technology. 

OCR tools that may help to convert pdf file into text

Several online tools allow you to accomplish this kind of task. The IT market is saturated with potent, yet versatile software and tools based on OCR.

OCR has been adopted by several corporations as a standard of their flagship goods e.g. Adobe Acrobat, PDFelement, and more.

Numerous specialized OCR programs offer you text recognition processes in both ways manual and automatic modes. The paid program has strong price tags which range from $150 to $450.

Each of them offers certain uniqueness to the result. However, with slightly different features, they perform the same task. We have compiled the list of online PDFs to text converters that are given below;

1. is an online program and very advance developed. It has a powerful OCR scanner. offers unrestricted computer print recognition and offers 14 days of handwriting recognition as a free trial. gives you significant control over the conversion process, with choices such as the selection of images, selection of text, and ignoring the text.

There is a verification point where the user with the built-in spell checker can manually solve specific errors such as spelling errors. You can save the converted text as a doc or txt file.

You can also customize so it can be read directly from the scanner. When it comes to interface, it might not be the most modern software that is available out there. However, it is very clean and functional.

As a result, it lets you do the job conveniently. This software has a pretty buildup reputation among the circle of businesses.

The only downside is the cost of this program which is quite justified based on the performances. Therefore, if you do not mind paying $199 bucks then this is the best available OCR software services that you can avail. 

2. Boxoft Free OCR

It is an OCR program where you can transform the documents into multiple languages. It supports most of the popular languages, which can be used to extract text from any form of an image.

It can detect and process your paper files within a short amount of time, with a satisfactory degree of precision. The conversion results for machine printing are exceptionally good.

Where acknowledgment of handwritten notes seems to be absent, a multi-column framework is assessed and established with accuracy. How it works is that you need to first install the software and then you can use it. It is completely free.

An important feature is that it can run on different platforms such as you can have to access it from Mac and Windows. Tutorials for new users are available as well.

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3. Glmagereader

GImageReader is one of the well-developed built ends of Google’s Tesseract OCR engine. It can do both machine and hand-written prints manually and automatically recognition. This software allows the simultaneous processing of multiple images and documents.

It shows the images used as source right next to the identified text for real-time correlation. Just like boxot, you will need to first download the software before use.

This software lets you convert the multiple documents in one go. The software performs the various functions for you i.e. Documents can be automatically verified by a spell.

4. Jinapdf

Jinapdf emerges with an OCR program that can manage your printed text ably but can’t say much about the textual content. The image file can be uploaded in any format. It mostly supports all kinds of formats and lets you select the format of the resultant file. The process usually is as easy as set out below: 

  1. Open the Pdf to word option in Jinapdf
  2. Select the option of format i.e. MS word
  3. upload the image
  4. Download the resultant file

It is freeware software designed to perform the task simply yet efficiently. The great strength of this is that it can run on different platforms. 

5. Prepostseo

Image to text software of Prepostseo has a very refined interface with the convenient features which are great for small businesses.

This image to text tool has been among the swiftest and coolest OCR services available on the web nowadays, putting back some of the older applications we have seen.

Textual files are handled quickly and soon you will get the results. Along with all the other best websites, it combines many advanced functions with a simple and versatile interface.

How it works is that you put the link of the file you want to convert or simply upload it. The rest of the task will be performed by this tool. It is quick, cheap, and easy to use. 

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The Bottom Lines

The overall bottom line is that the paperless office is becoming the reality of this age. The only set back that people face is the volume of the scanned data that is yet to be edited. The result is an inclination towards these types of tools.

There’s a big variety of free software Optical Character Recognition programs on the internet that you can use to convert text to the image.

But a decent OCR program should have functionalities other than easy recognition of words, such as retaining the layout of the source document, keeping the word format, and font family.

We hope this article helped you in your attempt to find the best free OCR resources available online. 

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