Visa Application Guide UK United Kingdom

If you want to visit the UK and are not familiar with the process, then you should follow these important steps to seamlessly apply for your UK visa. Through our efforts, we aim to clear any doubts that you may have and give you relevant details of your visa application.

Visa Application Guide UK United Kingdom

In this article, we will talk about the Visa process and more. There are many types in which people apply to maintain their residence either temporarily or permanently.

We will discuss here how you can apply for a visa, the fees, the documentation requirements, and when you have to go for biometric verification.

If you are looking to get a spouse visa extension, it is always a good idea to reach out to experts to assist you through the process to ensure a positive result.

1. UK (United Kingdom) Visa application:

First of all, you have to fill in the application form and select your Visa type, for this purpose you will go to the website

After opening the URL, you can choose the country name and confirm your current nationality. You’d also have to mention why you’re looking to travel to the UK.

After this, you’ll be asked if you have any relatives that are residing in the UK. If you have family here, you can click”Yes” and if not you go for “No” obviously. When you go further you will see an option for a standard visitor visa and other options.

After you click it, you would be redirected to an application form and you’d have to start filling that form. The form is lengthy as it has 12 to 13 pages in it. Read it carefully at first and then fill it out, if you made even a minor mistake the rejection chances will be 99 to 100%.

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2. Visa fees and Biometric appointments:

UK Visa’s fee is extremely costly. Because the UK does not want too many immigrants to come and stay, they’ve kept the fee amount high to ward off individuals that are not serious.

If you need a single entry the fee will be around 95 GBP, while the multiple 2-year fees would be 361 GBP and 5 years will be approximately 655 GBP, and if 10 years it will be 822 GBP. Compared to visa fees around the world, this is extremely expensive.

The fee discussed above is for the decision which should be made within 3 weeks. If you have an emergency the fees will be different as if you need file review within 24 hours then fees are 956 GBP. The price may fluctuate as per the exchange rate of your home country.

3. Documents and requirements:

In these steps, the documents and requirements which you need are discussed.

  1. Passport
  2. Bank statement
  3. Travel itinerary

First, you need your passport with 6 months of validation once you start the journey. Then you need proof of funds, i.e. your 6-month bank statement where your salary is credited, if you are a businessman your business account is required.

If you are an employee, then a NOC from an employer with salary, duration, and left information should be provided, and if you are an employer you should attach a trade license, tax returns, or other bills or documents according to your residence or status.

A travel itinerary mentions details about where you plan on spending time while in the UK.

UK immigration requires you to let them know where you will stay, for example, 4 days in London, 3 days in Edinburg, etc., so you have to give proper details to the authorities of the UK. Let us inform you here that flight tickets, hotel booking, travel insurance, and photos are not required.

When your visa is issued, your embassy may send you an email to provide all the information like please share your hotel or flight ticket, etc.

One thing here we will clear is that if they ask for your documents and issue you a stamped visa, then don’t lose it. The UK might not provide you with another copy and you would have to submit a lot of paperwork.

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4. Providing biometric verification and fingerprint

In this step you have to take some of the documents along with you which are:

  1. Application form
  2. Visa fees receipt
  3. Valid passport
  4. Checklist printout
  5. Supporting documents
  6. Appointment confirmation letter 

After completing all the above documents, make copies for your biometric verification and fingerprint and go to the VIA VFS global.

It’s so easy to make an appointment through VIA VFS global after paying UK Visa fees, you only have to do it by visiting the website.

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