Turn Your Car Into A Luxury Vehicle With The Latest In Car Gadgetry

These days, everything around us is becoming increasingly technologized, cars being a prime example.

The global in-car tech market is slated to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7.9 percent until 2028, according to Grand View Research. We are entering into an age of rapidly accelerating tech, perhaps faster than we had ever seen before.

The standards have been set so high that previously optional gadgets are now being treated as essential. In-car tech has developed enough that you can easily turn any vehicle you own into a full-featured powerhouse capable of standing alongside luxury trim models.

Turn Your Car Into A Luxury Vehicle With The Latest In Car Gadgetry

As long as you can afford them, these upgrades can give you a cost-efficient way to enjoy many of the features that premium car owners enjoy. 

In-car virtual assistants 

Just like Apple has Siri and Windows has Cortana, nothing is truly “high tech” these days without a smart AI assistant. Many auto manufacturers have their own patented infotainment and driver-assist packages, but you don’t need to buy a fancy car just to enjoy some convenient in-car features.

Devices like the Pioneer AVIC can take care of that for you, with its traffic navigation systems and WebLink app control. The AVIC supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, giving you seamless hands-free control over all the smartphone features you’ve ever wished for your car to have.

Heads-up display gadgets like Hudly give you comprehensive navigation and diagnostic info on an easy-to-read surface. And if you’ve ever wanted to be able to track your family’s cars from your own, SyncUP DRIVE by T-Mobile is perfect for you.

This device can also act as an in-car WiFi hotspot and has in-depth GPS functionality. It can even call roadside service that comes free with your purchase, courtesy of the Allstate Motor Club.

Meanwhile, those who have grown attached to their Alexa can enjoy her company, and over 25,000 of her skills, with the Alexa-Enabled VIVA Roav Car Charger from Anker. Aside from charging up to two devices, the Roav VIVA is built around hands-free navigation, music streaming, calls, and even remote smart device control.

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Sensors and optics

All of the latest top-of-the-line cars have a suite of cameras and sensors designed to give the driver better road perception than ever before. Backup cameras and dash cams are the most basic examples of these gadgets and have been around for a while. Now, they come with better capture fidelity than ever.

Devices such as the Klashwerks Raven can record both the road and the interior of your car. It also comes with its own nifty assist features, such as warning you when the cameras detect activity, simple turn-by-turn navigation, and others.

Another cool sensor gadget is the Lanmodo Vast Pro, which is an advanced dash camera suite that has an infra-red vision to help you drive in low visibility. 

Blind spot monitoring cameras are also essential to making your vehicle as safe as any luxury car. In some modern premium models, there are cameras that offer a full 360 birds-eye view of your surroundings. Unfortunately, 3rd party gadgets have not quite been able to replicate this tech yet.

There have been attempts, but they were quite flawed. If you happen to be in the market for a new vehicle anyway, it’s better to look up which car types or models come packaged with this feature, then browse a local car sale listing to find the best deal. If you really want the surround-view feature, the built-in ones are your best bet. 

Diagnostic monitoring devices

Part of the appeal of luxury models is the ability to have as much important information in front of you as you want. It’s good to be informed on the state of your vehicle, and knowing things such as engine health, tire pressure, and others can help you maintain your car and keep you safe on the road.

After all, you paid a lot for a vehicle, so you’d want it to avoid the inconvenient pitfalls that more economical cars get into. But fortunately for owners of low-cost vehicles, the right mix of gadgets can replicate the convenient diagnostic features luxury cars enjoy. 

First off, the Fixd Active Car Health Monitor gives you a comprehensive breakdown of your vehicle’s health, eliminating the need to decode what your engine light’s flashes mean. Alternatively, you can get the Vivint Car Guard, which does much of what the Fixd can do, but also includes useful warning features.

These warnings tell you if you are overstressing your engine by speeding, harshly braking, or if your car has been disturbed somehow. For tire health, you would want something like the ZUS Smart Tire Pressure Monitor.

This gadget also links up to your smartphone and lets you preempt tire damage, such as insufficient pressure, slow leaks, and heat damage. The ZUS can even lock up your tires as an anti-theft measure.   

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Miscellaneous quality of life improvements

No luxury car is complete without its, well, luxuries. Apart from high-utility gadgets, you’d also want devices that increase your comfort on the road.

Devices like the Snailax Memory Foam Car Seat Massager, which employs 6 motors that perfectly align with your hips and back. Perfect for long trips, as is the AutoExec WheelMate Steering Wheel Desk. 

You’d also want your car to be easy to organize and clean. A reliable car vacuum such as the Black and Decker Automotive Pivoting Vac can take care of much of that, leaving your car free of dust and dirt with minimal effort on your part.

Coupled with car organizers, messes in your vehicle would become little more than a foggy memory. Add on a powerful air purifier, such as the Philips GoPure to make the interior even cleaner. 

While your vehicle still won’t quite be as luxurious as an actual purpose-built luxury car, these gadgets can help you reach a very close approximation.

After all, much of the comfort in handling a premium vehicle comes from the utility and convenience of its packaged tech. These gadgets can easily help you get up to par with such tech.

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