A Guide to the Solar Panel Installation Process

Experts predict that one in seven homes in the US will be powered by solar panels by 2030. Thanks to the falling cost of solar panels and their positive impact on the environment, they are becoming the power source of choice for more and more Americans. 

Are you thinking of making the switch? If you are planning to move to solar, you are probably wondering what is involved. What actually happens during the lead-up to, and day of your solar panel installation?

A Guide to the Solar Panel Installation Process

Why not read on to find out?

The Engineers Come to Visit

The first stage of the panel installation process begins with a visit from the companies engineers. These are the experts who will come and evaluate the electrical system in your home and provide recommendations regarding the solar system that you should use. 

They will start by looking at the structure of your roof. They will check that it is sound and can take the weight of an installation of solar panels. 

Following this they will look at your home’s electrical panel, this is the box in your basement that hosts the breakers and other connections. 

If you have a busy schedule and are unlikely to be able to host such a visit why not speak with the company and ask if you can provide this information remotely?

If you are wondering “is there a company that can do panel installation near me?”, why not speak with a professional company?

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Approval Documents

The panel installation company will do more than just put the panels on your roof. There is a whole host of paperwork that they will take care of prior to the installation day.

This paperwork includes permits for connecting your solar system to the electricity grid and paperwork that allows you to benefit from government-provided financial incentives.

Hardware Choices

After you have had the assessments necessary for installation you will be able to choose what model of the panel you will have on your roof. 

This will be done in cooperation with your solar panel installation service. They can help you to understand what model will be best for your situation, what solar panels are made from, and how to get the best out of them. 

After this, you are ready for the day of installation.

The Day of Installation

On the first day of installation, the company will arrive and start preparing your roof for installation. This includes checking that the shingles in the installation site are solid and ready for the panels. 

Next, come the connections between the electrical panel and general power systems. 

After the wiring is in place, they will fit the brackets that hold the panels in place, followed by the panels themselves. Finally, they will install the inverter that will convert AC and DC current for use in the home. 

This installation will usually take up to 3 days depending on the size of the installation.

Following this, a representative from the local authority will come and approve the switching on of your system. 

After this you are ready to start using your panel, making electricity, and saving money.

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What Happens During Solar Panel Installation and Much More

If you have booked a solar panel installation, you now know what will happen and what you can expect. Why not plan ahead to make sure that you are prepared and able to switch over to this renewable energy as soon as possible. 

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