How to Convert Simple IRA to Physical Gold

Life is in stages, and a time comes when someone will not be able to work again. One of the ways the American society helps in planning for the future is by the Individual Retirement Account. A walk into many banks and other financial bodies gives a person access to opening any Plan account.

How to Convert Simple IRA to Physical Gold

More so, the fact that it may be tax-free makes it appealing to many people.

Types of IRA Account

Some are popular because of the tax reduction or removal. All the IRAs serve good purposes. The seven types are below:


Here, someone below 50 years of age can save up to $6,000, and people who are 50 years old and above enjoy savings of up to $7,000.

This plan is the best for people whose company does not cover them under any retirement plan. The funds are without tax every year until withdrawal.

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Although taxes are paid on the money deposited, the gains are tax-free. Anyone who runs the account for five years before getting to the age of 59 and 6 months can withdraw without tax.

The plan is suitable for people who may need money before stopping to work. This link has more on the difference between traditional and Roth IRA. 

Simplified Employee Pension

It is similar to the traditional, but the employer and the employee put in the same amount of money based on their performance. It is best for a person who runs a small business.


This is good for people who do not qualify for Roth earlier stated.


People who are not working or get low pays but are married to those earning well enough.


People who know about Investments in sectors like real estate and can take significant risks may go into it. Those who want to get physical gold will open it, as explained later in this piece.


Short for Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees, SIMPLE IRA accounts is the best for workers in small companies. The money is removed from the salary directly.

However, the rules of the program are like that of the traditional. The transfer from a straightforward account to another is free of tax.

Facts About Simple IRA

After opening the account, the highest amount of money a person can put into it is just $12,000 in a year. People who are 50 years of age and above can add an extra $3,000.

The waiting period before an attempt to transfer the money to another account is two years.

Things That Make People Lose Money

The investment sector is very volatile, and the market reactions affect the worth of someone’s funds. Also, there are penalties comes that come with earlier withdrawal.

People who collect their money before clocking 59 1/2 years may pay 10%. Luckily having to convert SIMPLE IRA to gold and others helps avoid the penalties.

Above all, gold remains the most trusted and oldest means of buying and selling worldwide. A crash in the stock market cannot affect it, and it gives peace of mind to the owner.

Steps to Take When Converting Simple IRA to Physical Gold

An individual must note that there are selected IRAs for buying getting a real gold. After getting the stated fact correctly, an individual can then proceed.

Get Another IRA

The type of IRA managed personally called Self-Directed should be gotten, and it helps in purchasing whatever catches one’s fancy. The list of things to buy are:

  • Water rights
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Gold and other metals
  • Promissory notes
  • Real estate
  • Mineral rights
  • Lands
  • Tax lien certificates

Rollover Funds

The money in the existing IRA moves into the new one by contacting the previous account manager. The process is simple, and all needed is the account details.

Luckily, there is no penalty or tax removal when moving assets.

Look for the Best Company Dealing in Precious Metals

The best way to judge is by customer reviews. Examples of companies that deal in precious metals include:

  • Goldco
  • Oxford Gold Group
  • Orion Metal Exchange
  • American Hartford Gold

The listed companies have customer ratings between 4.6 and 4.9 out of 5. The high customer ratings make them the best when trust matters.

Get a Third-Party

The IRA account does not allow a person to keep the precious metal, and the third party acts as the depository. The idea is to use storage to hold money, gold, silver, and other precious metals.

More so, the license level and insurance status of such firms are essential. A look through the Customer reviews will not be a bad idea at this stage too.

Get the Physical Gold

From the beginning of the process, the gold moves from one form to another. An individual will buy the precious metal by simply signing a document.

The dealer takes the form to the IRA and gives the gold to the owner. You can find more here on the acquisition of precious metals. 

Pros and Cons of Converting Your IRA to Physical Gold

Like everything in life, the process of getting physical precious metal has its ups and down:


  • It is protected against inflation
  • A long-term investment is safe


  • Gold is a bit pricey
  • Money will be lost if stolen
  • It is a metal
  • Shares and properties values may increase faster than it.

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Final Note

In conclusion, the high rate of inflation and volatility of IRA make getting gold bars the best choice for everyone. It protects the value of money and gives the assurance of money increase in the future.

Many believe that the value of gold will keep increasing. The best way to protect one’s future financially is by following the steps stated above. Happy Voyage!

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