Product Serialization

Both medium and large business corporations often store their products away from headquarters. For deliveries to arrive on time for customers and become profitable for companies, it is necessary to control supply chains.

Product Serialization

One of the most common methods for controlling supply chains at all stages is product serialization.


Product serialization is personalized labeling of each piece of sold product with identifiers. Serialization allows producers to trace products from origin to the final delivery point. The most popular industries for serialization are pharma, beer, bottled water, dairy products, and tobacco serialization

Serialization is a crucial issue for business. To trade with other countries, it is important to comply with all regulations and requirements. Otherwise, goods will not be allowed through customs, and your business will incur heavy losses.

Serialization controls the quality of production at all stages and provides the receiver country with proofs. 

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Serialization is not just a way of controlling supply chains. This is a tool that will help you develop your business. Here are several advantages of serialization:

  1. Improved quality control. Since goods are tracked at all stages of the supply chain, you can always find sources of quality violations. Enter the required serial number into the system and identify the responsible distributor or supplier.
  2. Compliance with legal regulations and requirements. Tracking products in the supply chain can guarantee that they are in full compliance with the legal and security standards of the countries in which they are sold.
  3. Trusted brand. If your production is environmentally friendly, gluten-free, hypoallergenic, etc., you need to provide proof of this to win the trust of customers. Serialization guarantees quality for buyers. Tracking the entire supply chain will help control compliance with all production standards at all stages. Thus, your brand becomes more popular and stable on the market. 

Local Regulations

Product serialization is very important if you plan to import your products overseas. For example, to import pharmaceutical goods to Russia, you must serialize all products, both prescription and non-prescription ones.

Also, if you want to expand your pharmaceutical business in Russia, you need to assign a unique identifier to each product unit. This is necessary to improve the safety of transportation and eliminate counterfeits.

By comparison, in the United States and the European Union, serialization is required only for prescription and high-priced pharmaceuticals.

Reliable Company

Supply chain tracking is a complex process that requires high concentration and deep knowledge of all standards and regulations. It is important to choose a quality provider that will bring your business to the next level. 

3Keys GmbH is a world-famous consulting company. It provides track and trace and serialization services. The goal of the 3Keys GmbH is to ensure the safe and high-quality logistics of all businesses.

An innovative supply chain software allows all the members of the logistics process to monitor the delivery in real-time. This provides maximum transparency and fairness at all the serialization stages. 

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Individual Approach

The company provides top-level development and consulting for all stages of the supply chain. Regardless of the complexity of the project, 3Keys employees will complete the task with high quality and on time.

The company is familiar with the details of government serialization regulations, is proficient in several programming languages, and has extensive technical knowledge to assist clients.

To ensure the safety and continuity of processes, the company provides round-the-clock technical support of the second and third levels. Thus, top-level professionals can solve your problem, including the setting up of the entire infrastructure anytime.

Serialization is not just a way to control supply chains. It is part of a wise business strategy. Choose the best provider to make your business as efficient as possible.

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