How does PPC Influence SEO

One of the most effective and well-known forms of advertising – pay-per-click or PPC – is a strategic resource that businesses can use to their advantage even to this day. Amid several questions on the efficiency of PPC and its overpowering by other tactics such as SEO, we are here to explore how one influences the other, and not nullify it.

The best PPC advertising company would rely on in-depth research, keyword focus, and targeted audience pools for maximum outcomes from minimum inputs.

This forms a common denominator between successful PPC campaigns as well as SEO tactics, forming a rather special relationship between the two. When used in healthy conjunction, the two can phenomenally affect your site’s rankings in search engine results. 

However, the relation between PPC and SEO is indirect, and the combination of these initiatives can lead to optimum results for marketing and advertising strategies for all kinds of businesses online.

How does PPC Influence SEO

We have compiled four top ways in which PPC influences SEO, to the point of guiding its performance. 

Maximizing Real Estate in Search Results

When using the phrase “real estate” in the context of search results, the idea is to denote the occupation of relevant, high-value space on search engine result pages.

PPC advertisements typically appear at the top of the search results. These advertisements are the first thing a person sees when they enter a search query and an array of related results pop up. 

Therefore, for a well-optimized PPC campaign that also focuses on SEO requirements, the brand and its website end up occupying the most relevant and valued position on a search result page – the topmost tiers.

At the same time, the focus on SEO means that your website will also rank high in the organic search results, with the outcome that it receives double the exposure with a strategic combination of PPC and SEO. 

Such a beneficial relationship between PPC and SEO leads to a greater chance of audiences clicking one of your listings and ending up on your company’s page.

At the same time, it creates more memorability and inclination in the mind of the visitor about your website and drives a curiosity within them to learn more. 

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The Chase for Valuable Organic Keywords

Keywords are not just an indispensable part of search engine optimization, but also for PPC campaigns. Targeting the right keywords for the right search queries and in the right locations is what can boost the appearance of your website in result pages on the topmost ranks. 

However, organic rankings with SEO tactics can take longer to deliver results. Therefore, you are less likely to find out if the keywords you have chosen are a good fit, and if they can deliver expected results in the form of effectiveness, traffic, and leads. 

Enter PPC. Pay-per-click advertisements are known for their instantaneous outcomes. Therefore, at very short notice, you can observe the impact your chosen keywords have on audiences, their search queries, and the rankings of your advertisement on SERPs.

Besides your campaign, you can also study other high-performing, top-ranking PPC campaigns to see what kind of keywords they are targeting. 

Such a wise understanding of keyword performance can help you collate a pool of valuable and rewarding keywords that you can use in your SEO strategy for driving organic traffic.

PPC data can help in quicker and driven decision-making. Though it is for the short term, you can borrow valuable insights to be incorporated into the long-term impacts of SEO. 

Brand Awareness to Drive More Traffic

A PPC campaign does more than just promote a product or offer. Since such a campaign usually occupies the topmost positions in search engine result pages, your brand name and campaign content tend to get imprinted in the mind of the visitor.

This leads to greater brand awareness and immediate relatability when they see the same brand or tagline anywhere else. 

Such memorability is more likely to drive people to your website through organic search listings later when they come across your website in search engine results.

The idea is to make leads familiar with your business, and help them engage with your content in the future. The result – more traffic, more leads, more conversions, and hence more sales. 

Local Leads are Everything

The importance of local SEO simply cannot be stressed enough these days. Every marketing plan must make some room for reaching out to people conducting local searches to get in touch with businesses in their close vicinity. 

PPC ads are usually the first item to pop up in search lists whenever someone types in a local search query. This is because PPC ads can be greatly optimized to serve set locations, drawing immediate attention to businesses.

This holds especially true in the case of mobile phones, where a couple of PPC ads might end up covering the entire screen!

Placing a location-centric PPC ad on the top of the screen, besides optimizing your website for SEO and having it rank high in organic searches will lead audiences to believe in the authenticity and suitability of your site for their needs.

They can identify with you immediately based on your location, and grow interested in your services due to the blend of PPC and SEO strategies you have used. 

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Why use PPC and SEO in Conjunction?

For Greater Visibility: As already stressed upon earlier, PPC and SEO used together can lead to your listing making it to the top of the page, as well as the top of the organic search results.

Running consistent PPC ads can ensure that you are always catching the customer’s eye, even if you cannot rank high consistently in organic results. 

For More Well-Informed Strategies: Key Insights derived from PPC campaigns, such as keyword performance, local search volume, and other campaign insights can shape your SEO strategy into a more successful one. 

For Combating Negative Publicity: In case of the spread of any kind of misinformation, a reliable combination of PPC and SEO can act as a clean-up effort to increase visibility and guide conversations the way you want them to. 

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