Best Crypto to Buy First

Even though the cryptocurrency market is living through its downtrend in spring – summer 2022, many new crypto projects are engineered and launched. They are connected with Defi space, metaverses, NFTs, blockchain games, etc. Despite the market drop, many new people aim to become crypto investors. Why does it happen so? The matter is, when the crypto market collapses, cryptocurrency prices live to move down, opening an excellent opportunity for investors to buy crypto at low rates, expecting the following market trend and prices to increase.

Best Crypto to Buy First

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How to pick an asset to invest in? Investors analyze the existing projects by the following factors:

  1. The project’s reputation
  2. The essence and usefulness of the project
  3. The developers and their background and expertise
  4. The price dynamics
  5. The roadmap and partnerships
  6. Social media and community.

When an investor finds the answers to these questions, it will become clear if it is worth investing in this or that project.

The Most Ambitious Projects In The Crypto Market

The list of the most promising assets with cryptocurrency prices in brackets (August 2022):

  • Bitcoin ($23,48)
  • Ethereum ($1,85)
  • Solana ($41,12)
  • Polkadot ($8,47)
  • Avalanche ($25,96).

These assets are traded on all credible crypto platforms. Bitcoin is a leader in the crypto market and the most stable growing help for long-term investment. Bitcoin is often used in futures trading because this asset is always in demand regardless of the market trend. As the whole market has dropped, BTC is still the leading asset by trade volume and market capitalization. Also Read: The BTC emission is limited, and the complexity of mining every coin is increasing. It helps maintain the asset’s value. It is recommended to buy BTC first and hold it until the market trend changes to “bullish”; then, the BTC rate will boost, and you will make a fortune from relatively small initial investments.

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