A Guide to UK Home Office Schemes for Ukrainians

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been ongoing for months now. What has the Home Office recently done to help Ukrainian nationals?

This article gives an overview of all current policies made for those from Ukraine, especially in light of the recent changes to immigration laws. We’ve also outlined the different types of visas individuals can opt for if they do not fit the current Ukrainian Immigration scheme or would like to switch their visa type.

A Guide to UK Home Office Schemes for Ukrainians

Other than the case study of Ukraine, it’s a dream that we all share; to get a UK visa and reunite with our loved ones, able to work. To make this happen, we will give you step-by-step instructions on how to do so – what type of application needs to be submitted, what papers are needed, etc.

How you immigrate to the UK

If you decide to immigrate to the UK then you need to meet some necessary requirements and submit documentation. If you’re having trouble understanding the process, UK immigration solicitors can also help you in submitting your application. 

Here’s how you can do your research:

  • You can visit the UK government and get all the instructions about immigration.
  • You can identify the visa for which you qualify by going through the UK visa website
  • You can also learn the guide about the visa that you selected.
  • You can ensure that you are fulfilling all the requirements.
  • You can also hire a lawyer to carry out this process.
  • You can submit the visa application.
  • Submit the visa application fee.
  • Now you can wait for the decision.

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Temporary Visa Concessions for Ukrainians

Following the war in Ukraine, the Home Office responded with a series of temporary visa concessions.

After careful consideration and feedback from experts within various fields – such as immigration law enforcement and international relations – they took steps to waive fees for Family Members of British Nationals who typically reside in Ukraine. This would allow those individuals to apply for settlement visas without cost.

The Home Office also made changes so that Ukrainians living in the UK can change their type of stay based on what kind of visa they currently hold (from a visitor’s visa to a Points-Based Visa or Family Visa).

Appendix Ukraine Scheme

The Appendix Ukraine Scheme was introduced in the UK on 29 March 2022 when the Statement of Changes was published.

Previously three existing initiatives – the Ukraine Family Scheme, the Homes for Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme, and the Ukraine Extension Scheme – had not been part of UK immigration rules but were now lawfully recognized as such by being incorporated into this new scheme. The Appendix Ukraine Scheme went into effect immediately after it became law on 30 March 2022.

Ukraine Family Scheme

The Ukraine Family Scheme is open to both Ukrainian people who live inside or outside the United Kingdom. People living inside the United Kingdom can request stay permissions while those who reside outside of it can ask for entry permissions.

Regardless of your current residency status, you must file paperwork before you can apply. You will then be able to receive the time allotted here – which includes 36 months’ worth of healthcare coverage, access to financial resources, and studying options.

You cannot apply for this visa without having a UK-based sponsor – but all that’s needed is meeting two criteria: residency status and qualifying familial connection.

UK Home Office Schemes for Ukrainians

The UK scheme for Ukrainians is a wonderful opportunity for aspiring applicants. Applicants can also reach out to immigration solicitors based in London which would help in obtaining the required visa without any hassle. Since they are exempt from paying the visa fee, that money could be spent on obtaining a reliable attorney. 

Procedure for Individuals With A Valid Ukrainian International Passport

The process for individuals with a valid international Ukrainian passport is fairly simple.

Start to apply with an online application through the UK Immigration app. They would have to provide their passport photograph and their fingerprints. After submission, they will be granted an eVisa 

A letter will be received then. After that, you can come to the UK and show the letter.

Process for the individual who has Not a Valid Ukrainian Passport

The individual follows the following instruction:

  • You need to complete the online application form
  • You can book an appointment with the VAC.
  • Stay on the location from where you will apply
  • When the visa application is processed the UK will contact that person.

Further Information if you apply for a visa

If you’d like you can also seek UK visa advice from experienced immigration lawyers. Ukrainians can also apply for different kinds of long-term visas. The different options available include:

Business Visa for the UK

If you want to get this visa then you need to provide a financial statement or any approved business plan then you are eligible to apply for this visa.

Skilled Worker Visa

The UK provides different skill workers categories in which you can apply. Apply for this visa when you complete the requirements.

Family Visa for the UK

You can apply for your family visa. If your spouse belongs to the UK then you can apply. You can apply for this visa only if your fiancé sponsors your visa.

Student Visa for the UK

You can also apply for the student UK visa if you fulfill the requirement then you are eligible to enter the UK for studies. Age should be 16 or more.

Child Visa for the UK

Children must be four to seventeen years old. Who can attend the independently British educational institute? For you can also fulfill some requirements if you complete that then you can apply for the visa.

Temporary visa

Temporary visas are not used for immigration but in some cases, they will be accepted.

Following are some temporary visa types:

  • Visa for creative workers
  • Visa for charity worker
  • Exchange visa by the government
  • Religious worker visa
  • These are some visa types that will be considered temporary visas. 

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Visit visa for the UK

The majority of the people could not use the visitor visa for immigration but in some conditions, it is acceptable. There are some restrictions on the Visit visa that you cannot apply for this.

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