Everything You Need To Know About Teen Patti

Teen Patti is a fun betting game that you can play when you have friends or colleagues coming over. It requires a combination of luck and skill, and rules are such that it makes it interesting for everyone. Also, you get to take home some bonus money. Teen Patti originated in the Indian subcontinent, but now it has found its ground in almost all corners of the world. 

In terms of rules and manners, it is similar to that of Rummy and Poker. Therefore, people who are familiar with cards will have no issues in understanding this game. It is not like other gaming slot sites like joker123 etc which not only deals with card games but also many other games in various niche. But Teen Patti is mainly for card games.

Everything You Need To Know About Teen Patti

If you want to get a headstart and need a basic understanding of this game, here is a perfect article. 

Teen Patti: A guide

  • No. Of Players: Teen Patti can easily be played among 3-6 players, and we all know that the more, the merrier. It is a viable game if you have planned a fun weekend with some of your closest friends. This game is perfect for an intimate gathering when you want to play live Teen Patti online.
  • Card Details: Just as in Rummy or Poker, Teen Patti is also played with a deck of 52 cards. However, unlike bluff or similar games, Joker or any extra is removed from the deck. 
  • What is a pot?: Teen Patti is a mild betting game, and stakes make this game very interesting. Initially, a starting bet is decided amongst the players, and then the bet money is collected from everyone. This total collected amount is then kept in the middle of the table and is called Pot.

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  • How does call or raise work?: Anybody who has played Poker must be aware of these terms. When the game starts, three cards facing down are given to each player in the pool. When the player has looked into the cards, he will either call or raise. The call would mean that he has a decent hand and will continue in the game but will not raise the bet. Conversely, raise means that a person is confident with his hands and is ready to raise his stakes.
  • How is a raise in Teen Patti different from Poker?: In Poker, the bet amount need not be equal. You just have to match the previous player’s bet amount. However, rules are different in Teen Patti because the bet amount has to be equal. Therefore, if a player places six coins and the subsequent player bets eight coins, the previous player will add eight coins to his bet. This increased stake rule makes this game a bit more interesting than Poker or Rummy. 
  • Who wins?: Teen Patti gives you an option of leaving the game if you think you’ll lose money by staying longer. Therefore, you must stay at the table till the end. As the game grows, the pot money keeps on increasing, and in the end, the person with the highest hand takes the money.
  • What are the card rankings?: The goal in this game should be to have a top 3 set so that your chance of taking away the pot increases. The highest-ranking cards in Teen Patti are the aces, and the lowest ranking is the 2s. Here is a ranking of the sets from highest to lowest:
  • Three of the same rank: Since aces are the cards of the highest order, a set of three aces is the highest setting. Subsequently, a set of three kings comes second. A set of three 2s is the lowest trail when it comes to sets of the same ranks.
  • Straight flush: This is also a Poker-friendly term, and it means that three consecutive cards from the same suit. That is to say, if you have Ace, King, and Queen of spades, you have a strong set, and you can choose to raise your bet.
  • Run: This is a more liberal form of a straight flush, meaning that the set will have three consecutive cards but not from the same suit: meaning ace of spades, king of hearts, and queen of clubs. 
  • Color: This is where the sequence starts to fall out, and the suit is given the ultimate preference. Therefore, if you have three cards from the same suit in no particular sequence, your set will be called color.
  • Pair: The pair, as the name suggests, is the combination of two cards. The two cards must be of the same rank. In that case, the kicker’s card’s rank is used to determine the winner.

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The Teen Patti is a fun card game, and it ensures that you have fun and entertaining moments with your friends and family. The rules of this game are simple, and you can teach it easily.

Today, we are living in a digital age, and everything is being done online. Given the pandemic situation that the world is facing today, it is impossible to invite gatherings and have a good time.

Therefore, now you have an option to invite your friends and play live Teen Patti. It will also help in easing the work-related stress and boost your morale in quarantine. 

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