Safety Measures For Data Recovery Process

Losing your data is the worst thing one can imagine and the recovery process requires a lot of effort and time to be put in. And the more horrifying situation is when you end up losing your data forever in the whole recovery process.

In order to avoid such issues, it is important to know the precautions and safety measures of the data recovery process. This will save you from losing your data for a lifetime and will help you to retrieve it easily.

Safety Measures For Data Recovery Process

Below given are some safety measures for the data recovery process:

1). Never consider downloading anything to the storage with lost data:

Some people tend to install recovery software so as to recover the lost data unknowing that it is recommended never to install any recovery software to the same storage you have lost data from.

Therefore, if you copy or create any new files in the corrupted storage it will eliminate the chances of recovery and will erase the data permanently.

Hence to avoid that do not download anything to the storage with lost data.

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2). Do not do anything with the hard drive beyond its limit:

Overheating your hard drive is strongly not recommended, make sure circuits remain intact. Any sort of physical manipulation with the storage can make the situation worse instead of improving.

Therefore it is better to leave it to the data recovery professionals who are experts in handling it. Also, do not touch the disks and open hard drives as this will make recovery a complicated process and you may end up losing your data forever.

3). Reinstallation of the operating system is highly not recommended: 

Often people assume that by reinstalling the operating system they will be able to recover their files and data, but that is not true, rather a reinstallation of the operating system leads to complete overwriting of the files that are to be restored and also damages the directory structure.

Therefore never reinstall the operating system, by doing so you will lose chances of recovering data because it leads to overwriting of files and the information regarding their location also disappears.

Also, don’t try to rebuild RAID because that often leads to data loss. In the event of rebuild failure, you will need an expert like G-RAID data recovery company to restore lost data.

4). Go through the technical specifications of the software:

Always go through the technical specifications of the software you are going to recover your files with. Be very particular in downloading it from a reliable source in order to prevent your device from viruses.

Also, do not use any type of cleaner software or software that ensures the recovery of files after overwriting them. None of such software is trustworthy, instead, they can be very harmful to your device.

5). Prepare your hardware:

The connection of the storages attached needs to be checked appropriately as they are needed for the process of recovery.

And if you come through any sort of damage hand over it directly to the professionals and do not ever try something on your own because it may lead to loss of storage.

Therefore, thoroughly view all the connections associated with storage so as to easily recover the lost data.

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