Quarantine Fashion Tips

There are no such rules when we talk about fashion, and that’s especially during the quarantine. To begin simple — skinny jeans or square pants? Who needs them?

Wearing clothes at all is non-compulsory when in the comfort of your own sanctuary. Wait, just make sure that your Zoom’s camera is turned off! Without a doubt, regardless of its limiting qualities, quarantine offers us a unique chance to express ourselves through fashion.

Quarantine Fashion Tips

With the lockdown resting on us and social distancing compelling us to spend a substantial amount of time at home, do we let our stylistic personas swear off and tumble into comfortable pajamas all week long? Or, is there a mutual understanding between style and comfort even while doing the chores? Well, we would surely like to wish for the latter.

The fashion floodgates are broadly open, and everything is a definite stage — anything from pajamas to your splendiferously stunning gowns. 

Do not let quarantine blow the whistle! Think about it this way — if there was always a moment to challenge your personal style, it’s now. Step out of your comfort zone and broaden your horizons while the stakes are still low.

Sport a Panerai Luxury Watch

Swiss craftsmanship, Italian icon, global appeal. Well, there’s so much to love about Panerai watches. Recognized for years for its wide variety of watch collections, this brand has perfected it’s aesthetic ever so lightly in modern times. 

It has a traditional yet straightforward dial. Somehow their watches are more stylish and fashionable, which makes it comfortable to wear daily. Take, for instance, the Luminor Due. 

The watch is offered in a comfortably sized case, making it the smallest of Panerai’s masterpieces. It has a minimalist grey dial that beautifully displays the date and time – precisely a perfect companion for your quarantine style.

Go Back to Basics

Fresh, crisp, and clean—what better way to start your day with this? You can’t ever go wrong with a button-up or a white blouse. Not only that, draw on some statement pieces of jewelries to add some zest to your Zoom meetings.

Wear Something Comfortable

Whether it’s doing the laundry, the dishes, or brooming the specks of dust, the biggest tip for you is to put on something comfortable. Go for an exquisite maxi dress in a smooth summer fabric like. 

Dress on something that keeps you serene and eases your flow. But assure that your work-from-home ensemble isn’t so dull that you feel like falling back into your comfortable bed.

Put on Some Cardigan

The weather during the quarantine can be irregular. While one day feels like summer, the other feels like there may be snow outside. 

To cope, insert the cardigan. It is a favorite piece of clothing to many girls (and boys) out there as it keeps them warm with comfort. Put on yours now and warm yourself when you’re feeling the cold chill in the air.

Choose Fabrics Well.

When it comes to cozy clothing, the fabrics are essential, so be sure to put on cotton clothes most of the time. 

Cotton clothes are effortless to wash. They feel soft on the skin, which makes you feel homey and comfortable all day long. 

Try Everything, Put it On Now

Try every clothing on and explore your own wardrobe. Get on this quickly before you’re cut off in a shopping black hole online. 

Everyone (yes, including you) has at least one accessory or clothing that they treasure but have never put on. It could be the mini dress that was too flawless to pass up and should be “intended” for the right event. Or, it could be the oversized cardigan you thrifted last month with the hopes of overcoming menswear. 

Maybe it’s the trench coat you purchased after a long daydream about your future South Korean life but have yet to put on because it’s too “uncalled for.” 

Whatever that item is, and whatever your rationality for not wearing it, put it on now!

Get that Hair and Makeup Done

Every day, at least during weekdays and especially when catching on video calls, make a covenant to: do your hair thoroughly and put some right makeup on. 

A little bronzer and mascara go a long way to helping you feel great about yourself and offering you the look you want to present to the world, even only from behind your screen.

Wrapping Up

As we’re all fixed at home, standing up through uncertain moments because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s easy for life to come to a standstill. However, all isn’t lost. 

Fashion has the means to restyle our mood and help us live our course to the fullest when done correctly. Whether it is dressing fashionably or getting your attention immersed into some artistic fashion projects, you can find your own little rays of sunshine amidst these uncertain times.

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