Guide to Correcting Upside Down PDF Pages Using PDFBear Online Tool

Ask any person their preferred file format for their electronic documents, and he’ll surely tell you it’s PDF. The Portable Document Format has been a standard file type used in universities, businesses, courts of law, and other organizations. PDFs are compact, easy to create, secure, and compatible with multiple devices and platforms.

Indeed, you can enumerate several reasons to choose PDF. But there’s an issue that users complain about this file format. That’s when PDF pages would become upside-down or sideways after scanning or compressing them.

If this problem is familiar to you, you can fix it using an online PDF editor such as PDFBear. But before using this web-based software, make sure that you consult this guide below to learn more about it.

Guide to Correcting Upside Down PDF Pages Using PDFBear Online Tool

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How to Use PDFBear to Correct Upturned PDF Pages

Gone are the days of your frustration with disorientated PDF pages when you start using PDFBear. This web-based PDF editor can set your PDF file to its standard orientation. Here’s how to rotate a PDF using this incredible online tool.

Step 1: Go to PDFBear’s Website

On your web browser’s address bar, key in, which is the official site for PDFBear online tool. Once you’re on the site’s homepage, find “Rotate PDF” and click on it.

Step 2: Select the File You’re Going to Upload

A new page will open after clicking Rotate PDF. On this page, there’s the Select Files option. Click that Select Files option to choose the PDF file with page orientation issues and upload it on the site.

Step 3: Rotate the Pages to Their Correct Angle

Once you’ve transferred the file on, you can now correct the defective PDF pages’ angles. Each PDF page is displayed as thumbnails on the screen. Find the pages that are not in their standard orientation and hit those circular arrows to rotate them accordingly.

Step 4: Apply the Edits on the Pages

Make sure to hit the Apply button to confirm the changes to the document. You should see to it that there are no more page orientation issues on the PDF. You can double-check the changes for that purpose.

Step 5: It’s Download Time!

Once you figure out that all pages of the PDF file are now set straight, the last thing you should do is to hit the Download button to save the newly modified document on your computer. You can also transfer the file to another computer or share it with many people.

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Pros of Using this Web-Based PDF Editor

There’s a wide selection of web-based PDF editors that allow you to rotate PDF files with page orientation issues, but PDFBear is still the go-to tool for many users. This list of advantages will tell you why people prefer it over other online PDF editors.

  • Your documents are safe with PDFBear puts much importance on the data privacy and security of its users. You have the option to delete the file you’ve uploaded after editing it, or it will be removed sixty minutes later.
  • Easy and quick edit of upside-down pages of your PDF file. Thanks to the website’s easy-to-navigate user interface and controls, correcting disorientated pages of your PDF is a no-hassle. Your editing will be over in just seconds or minutes using the PDFBear software, depending on how many pages need modification.
  • Quality and accuracy. You can guarantee that the output of rotating PDF pages using PDFBear is accurate and high-quality.
  • Compatible with different computer operating systems. This software isn’t only based online, there’s also a desktop version that you can download on Mac, Windows, and Linux PCs.


If you need to use an online PDF editor to correct upside-down PDF files, try This web-based tool is easy to use and safe. Know more about this tool by reading the relevant information mentioned in this article.

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