How To Choose Clover Flex vs. Clover Station

Deciding which point of sale system to use at your small business can be a big decision. There are a lot of options on the market. Picking the right one can set you up for smoother operations and a more profitable business.

If you have decided that you want to use a Clover POS system, you may be considering whether the Station or Flex is right for you.

How To Choose Clover Flex vs. Clover Station

Clover Flex

This POS system is very compact. It is about the size of a smartphone but has a built-in credit card reader. It also features all the great benefits of the Clover software platform.

You may consider using this Clover credit card machine if you want to offer your customers a more premium experience.

For example, if you want to take payment without having to go to a register, for a more concierge-style setup, the Clover flex is perfect. It is also a great choice if you want to accept payments from tableside at a restaurant.

The main drawback of the Flex is its small size. So, if you want to do a lot of complex recordkeeping from the device, you may find that difficult. However, it nonetheless features all the powerful and customizable functionality of Clover.

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Clover Station

Alternatively, you may get the Clover Station. This larger system has a tablet-sized touchscreen, a cash drawer, a receipt printer, and several accessories such as a customer-facing display. In a sense, it is the total opposite of the Flex.

However, it is also a Clover system, so much of the functionality is similar.

The Clover Station has an attractive, modern design that will look good on any counter in your business. It also is fast and easy-to-use.

So, you don’t need to spend as much time training people on how to use it compared to conventional POS systems. Plus, there is a reduced chance of mistakes.

The main issue with the Clover Station is that it is larger than other options. You will need extra space to be able to fit it. Plus, customers need to come to you to pay. If that isn’t the type of experience you want to offer, you may want to opt for the Flex.

How To Choose

Overall, you can’t go wrong with either system. So, the choice depends primarily on the way you want to operate your business.

If you want to bring the payment experience to your customers, you should go with the Clover Flex. Alternatively, if you want to have a more standard register than is big and easy-to-use, get the Clover Station.

Whichever option you choose, make sure to customize the software. You can choose which features you want to use, and which should be the most accessible.

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Get Your Cover POS System Today

Get in touch with a merchant services agent program today and start searching for your ideal POS system. The above two systems are both excellent choices featuring one of the best solutions on the market.

Talk to a representative about the pricing and rates for your credit card processing. You could set your business up with the perfect POS system sooner than you think.

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