Best Wallets Selection for Cryptocurrency

In today’s world, the digital currency took over rapidly and everyone heard about Bitcoin because this is the most popular cryptocurrency till now but Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency in the world which exist but are more than 1500 other cryptocurrencies.

No doubt in that digital currency slowly taking over fiat currency but the increasing usage of cryptocurrency, hacking also increased and you need to create a backup of all the transactions you made. You need to secure your E-wallets by using usernames and passwords.

Best Wallets Selection for Cryptocurrency

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Hence there are 7 major Bitcoins wallets which you can use for secure transactions:


This is by far the best hardware wallet which also is used as a USB device. As there is no third-party approach it is based on a’ zero trust approach’.

This device is having an additional security feature which is the addition of a security pin into it. So that no one can access it when the device is lost. It is safe from hackers as well as from getting data stolen due to its pin protection.

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It does not support any single cryptocurrency but plenty of them which are Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Z Cash, and Dash. It has a very unconventional user interface and gives full control to users.

You cannot store the whole database into it as it is a lite wallet which leads him to perform direct transactions related to cryptocurrencies.

Ledger Nano S

It is hardware that does look like a folding USB drive. It can be used as storing a high volume of cryptocurrencies which includes Bitcoins and Ethereum’s. Its firewall is very strong which makes him unbackable and malware proofed drive and it cost very less than others.

This is one of the best wallets available in the market as it has the potential of getting data stored in many cryptocurrencies at one time.


Copay can provide you the best combination of high-level security as well as it is user friendly also. Copay can give you the best experience out of every other e-wallet as it provides multiple signature security features which are by far made it the most secured E-wallets.

It is also safe for business use as well. Canopy is an open-source E-wallet, it provides you access to use it on mobile as well as on desktop also because it can be downloaded on Mac, Linux, and windows.


Mycelium is a well-established E-wallet and it is available on both android as well as on iOS. This comes with the open-source program.

It uses BitiD open protocol as its security feature, through which you can easily create a backup of your data. It also provides offline solutions to its users.


Coinbase is a very user-friendly wallet through which you can buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrencies. It gives you features which no else wallet provides which is you can also connect to your bank accounts and transfer dollars in your wallets but only in the US.

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Electrum stores your cryptocurrency in encrypted files in your pc or laptop and it is available on every platform Windows, Linux, Android, python, and Mac OS x.

It has higher flexibility than other hardware wallets. It is famous for its recovery process; it can recover your data even when your system got crashed.

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