10 Best Desktop Apps for College Students

Apps offer a magical writing experienceThey help you to meet your educational goals faster by reducing the time taken to complete tasks, delivering a more accurate paper, and helping you to concentrate, among other benefits

Do not struggle with assignments and college life while you can use excellent student apps to enhance your experience. 

The internet has millions of appsEach offers different features that will make learning easierHowever, the choice of app you make will determine your overall experience

According to experts, you should only choose an app with a decent user experienceIf you have to struggle using an app, it will end up wasting your timeIt would have been better if you drafted the paper manually. 

Some of the apps come with similar features or functionalitiesCheck reviews to choose the best among such appsYou may also use trial versions before buyingThe cost of an app will also settle the battle between the two of them. 

10 Best Desktop Apps for College Students

Here are some of the apps college students can use to change their college experiences. 


Canvas is an image and graphics editing appIt does not require any advanced IT or graphics skills to produce compelling images for your papers

The app is easy to learn and available free for limited featuresIf you decide to upgrade the app, you will get the most incredible advanced features. 

Canvas helps you to create the most compelling graphs, charts, and presentationsThe resulting materials can be integrated easily with other apps and software you will be using in your academic work

You can install the app on gadgets using all the common operating systemsIt saves time and the money you would have used to hire a graphics designer to prepare rich content for your paper. 

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Off-Time is a distraction avoidance appIt helps you to concentrate on the task at hand even when surrounded by numerous distractions

It blocks notifications from selected websitesThe websites will also not open until the time you have set on the Off-Time screen. 

Off-Time will improve your productivity by monitoring the time spent on each website or taskYou can set the time to send an alert after one hourUsing this data, you adjust your schedule to be more productive. 


Dropbox is a database-building appIt allows you to collect all your resource materials like books, articles, videos, and audio when researching a paperAs the name suggests, you do not need to open the app to deposit your resources

You drag the materials and drop them into the appDropbox comes with minimal storage capacityYou have to upgrade to expand the features and size of the cloud storage facility

The app allows you to access these resources from any device as long as you log in to your Dropbox account. 

Google Drive 

Google Drive is a cloud storage appIt allows you to upload documents and files for remote access or later useThe app uses your email as the account identifierFor this reason, you do not need to create a new account with additional passwords. 

Google Drive allows you to access documents on other gadgets, work on them, then upload them backIt means that you can continue working on your assignments while on the move since you have all the materials you need

It also comes with a search option, helping you to retrieve the resources you need for your current assignment. 


Grammarly is an app for every student who needs to write the perfect essayIt highlights errors with Grammarly to give you a flawless paperIt will capture typing errors, poor choice of words, and punctuation, among others

Get a professional to do my assignment and avoid the hustle of typing endlessly late into the night without the guarantee of a decent gradeGrammarly will also highlight plagiarized areasIt helps you to deliver pristine paper. 


According to research, note-taking will improve your learning outcomesOneNote is developed by Microsoft to help you take notes and organize them for easier revision and retrieval

The app allows you to type notes, add images, include pictures, and connect the ideasYou can build personal databases for each subject or unitIt is easy to use and will save you a lot of time whenever you are writing an essay. 


myHomework is a study plannerIt captures all your assignments and other engagements for the day, week, month, and even yearIt features alerts at strategic intervals to keep you on top of your homework

You can also add other tasks to give you a comprehensive view of your dayThe premium version allows you to change them as well as organize your schedule with greater precision. 

Anki Flashcards 

Flashcards make learning easierAnki Flashcards help you to organize ideas for easier essay drafting or to simplify revision

You customize the cards based on the topic you wish to reviseYou can share the cards with your peers or study groups across other apps. 


Evernote is an organizational appThe app helps you to collect revision and study resources for easier drafting of assignmentsEvernote is cloud-based, meaning that you can access these materials across different devicesThe free version offers a satisfactory number of features

Some of the best features on Evernote include the ability to extract files using keywordsIt makes drafting the paper easier and rewarding. 

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Zotero is a referencing appIt collects all your citations and helps you to present them in perfect orderThe app will automatically fill in relevant data from the clipped articlesYou do not struggle with citations while you have Zotero on your desktop. 

Desktop apps for college students help you to write essays, revise, and manage your time easily in collegeChoose the apps with the best features and an excellent user experience

Most of the free features will still guarantee excellent serviceHowever, upgrading through subscription will give access to excellent features that transform your college experience. 

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