What Are the Benefits of Telegram Advertising Telegram Channel Marketing

Messengers are gaining an increasing audience every yearIn this regard, many people became interested in promoting their services on TelegramAfter all, it is a platform with almost no competitionAnd if you manage to promote your services on it, then you can make good money.

The Telegram ad platform Telegram ads platform has an active audienceThe effectiveness of Telegram advertising is 2 times higher than in other social mediaMore than half of subscribers view new postsIn other social media, this figure is much lower

In addition, significantly less investment is needed to attract usersWhen buying advertising on Telegram channels, you can make good money if you do everything rightThe audience in the messenger is involved in the content and pays attention to each post of the author.

What Are the Benefits of Telegram Advertising Telegram Channel Marketing

To use Telegram for business, it is not enough to treat it like a regular messengerDevelopers have long positioned Telegram as a multifunctional platform that allows you to exchange messages, send funny pictures to friends, and also:

  • Develop your brand or blog;
  • Increase sales and increase traffic to your web resource;
  • Automate work with the audience: clients, partners, contractors, or employees.
  • Users themselves use Telegram not only to reply to messages from colleagues or relativesThey will never refuse interesting information and a great offer.

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Features of advertising placement in Telegram:

  • Almost all traffic is mobileConsider this if you place Telegram ads to promote your service (it must be adapted for mobile devices).
  • No advanced statistics for channel demographicsThat is, we almost don’t know anything about users: their age, countries, or interestsOnly statistics on the number of subscribers are available and, more importantly, on the number of views per post.
  • The audience on Telegram channels is famous for its loyalty and high engagementThere are high rates of coverage for placement ads and high-quality trafficTherefore, the cost is often higher than on other sites.

You can start advertising on Telegram using special exchangesThese are intermediary services between channels and those who want to advertise on Telegram

They provide the necessary statistics and indicate the cost of the serviceYou don’t have to waste time looking for contacts of administratorsMoreover, they will immediately announce the cost of advertising and provide guarantees for its implementation.

Use the Best Telegram Ads Platform Telega.io

What does Telegram advertising platform Telega do? The main tasks of Telega are:

  • Establishing a stable communication between the advertiser and the owner of the channel;
  • Automation of the process of searching, selecting, and placing advertising posts;
  • Collection of statistical data to analyze the success of advertising campaigns.

You will get the attention of your target audienceThe average age of Telegram users is 23-35 years oldPromotion in Telegram channels is promising because the audience doesn’t see a lot of advertising as it may be on other platforms.

Telega guarantees that your post will be posted in the selected channels after the consent of the channel ownersIt will automatically check the post for its publicationIf the post is deleted ahead of time, the cost for the publication order will be fully refunded to you.

The placement of paid publications in the channel feed is 24 hoursWith an additional payment, you can order the fixing of your ad for a longer period.

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If the owner of the Telegram channel refuses to advertise your post, the funds will be returned to your balanceTelegram ads platform Telega automatically tracks all metricsAll statistics will be available to you after launching a targeted advertising campaign.

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