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Yourphone.exe Windows 10- What should I do with it?

We recently found multiple requests in which users discovered yourphone.exe process running on Windows 10. Therefore, we created all unanswered queries and everything you need to know about your phone application

Well, first of all before moving on to what is yourphone.exe? You should know that this is not a virus or a Trojan horse of any kind. So, you don’t have to worry a little about this. If you have just discovered this process in Task Manager, you are lucky before we cover it for you.

Let’s Begin!


Yourphone.exe is a background process in an application system called Your Phone App. It was recently made available in Windows 10. Last year, Microsoft introduced an app in all versions of Windows 10 that allows all files to sync between a Smartphone and a computer. With this app, you can transfer photos, files, videos and other operations to your computer or vice versa.

This process is already installed on your system, and if not, you can get it from the official Microsoft Store. It is a very useful app that eliminates any third-party app for the same process. Clearly, yourphone.exe is an excellent app and does not cause any system damage.

Is it safe to use YOURPHONE.EXE in WINDOWS 10?

We have also made clear the purpose of using the previous process or application. Using yourphone.exe is completely safe and does not contain any system damage or any data you have stored.

Doubts about human nature if you encounter an app you don’t quite know. Therefore, it is better to understand the purpose of this and then make decisions. Hopefully, you now know that this will not have any negative effects and you can use it like any other app in Windows 10.

In case you already have an app similar to this one and it works fine, you can disable the application or even uninstall it from the system to free up space. Let’s see how we can uninstall or disable your phone application.

How to disable your PHONE.EXE phone process to execute in the box?

The only thing you can try is to disable yourphone.exe process from the background that you will see when opening the task manager. All you need to do is to follow a few simple steps as shown below and you can check if it has been disabled or suspended.

  • Click the Windows icon on the desktop to open the Start menu.
  • Now, click on the Settings icon to open Windows Settings on the screen.
  • In the search box, type “background” and click on the “Background Applications” option. Background application settings
  • Simply swipe down from multiple apps and search for your phone app on screen.
  • Disable the option to switch off. And check Task Manager. Disable windows 10 yourphone.exe
  • Youphone.exe is now disabled from the background. Your windows 10

You can also restart the system to see if the process succeeded. However, if you want to remove or completely uninstall the system app. See the steps mentioned below.

How to withdraw from your WINDOWS 10 PHONE app?

Then, if you don’t want to keep the app at all in your system. You can also perform a few simple steps and commands to do this easily. Well, we will continue to recommend that this is not necessary, as it is very useful. But this is your decision.

  • Go to the Windows icon on the desktop and open the Start menu.
  • Type “Powershell” in the search box. Right-click the Windows Powershell option.
  • Choose Run as administrator. PowerShell windows
  • A new tab will open on the screen. Click Yes.powershell your phone
  • Enter the following command at a command prompt and press Enter. Enter the command [Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.YourPhone -AllUsers | Remove – AppxPackage]
  • Your phone app will be completely uninstalled from Windows 10.
  • Restart the system to make changes.

Perform this process and enter the command in perfect sequence. You will not find the application or process running in Task Manager. To make sure that there are no viruses if this is something you worry about, do a quick scan.


Fortunately, I have already solved your inquiries about yourphone.exe Windows 10. It is not something you do not understand. So, follow the entire blog before moving forward. It will not take more than 5 minutes of your time and all of your doubts will be removed.

Also, if you’re already running a similar app to transfer and sync your phone or Windows, that’s fine.

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