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Why Torrent Has Been Referred To As The Digital Wikipedia?

The internet is an endless abyss!

If you keep browsing, you are bound to find something new!

There are shows, movies, and games, but that is just the surface. Once you go deeper, you can even access webinars, history papers, and whitepapers for every subject you are looking for.

But, with the innate advancement of the internet, you will find creators charging for content. Although there is nothing exponentially wrong with this, it goes against the true nature of the internet.

Why Torrent Has Been Referred To As The Digital Wikipedia

When the internet first commenced, it was all about making every content over the internet free. This is why we have our favorite site, the pirate bay, for our rescue.

What Is Torrent?

Torrent is a free platform that allows people to access and upload free content from all over the world.

There are no restrictions!

Everything content that has ever been uploaded over the internet you can find them. A peer-to-peer connection allows users to upload their own files in the domain. 

If you want to download something over the torrent, you will have to do it in parts since different peers upload each file separately.

One of the famous torrenting websites is the pirate bay.

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Why Torrent Is Referred As The Digital Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a free source of information. The information provided is mostly textual, but you will also find some reference pictures in there. There are two major reasons why torrent is called the Digital Wikipedia.

  • First, it is because all the information found in the two platforms is absolutely free for the user’s use.
  • Second, it works on a peer-to-peer technology that connects all computers together. As a result, if someone is adding or making some changes in the domain, every person under the same network will be able to see it.

Things You Can Download From Pirate Bay

This is to give you a brief idea of all the things that you can download from the Pirate Bay.

1. Movies & Series

No more paying monthly for streaming!

To start with, if you are looking for any newly released or old movies and are tired of paying for them, then you can use pirate bay.

It has every movie and series you are possibly looking for. There is no download restriction, and you can even find foreign movies with subtitles.

2. Games

Let’s face it; games are expensive!

One game is never enough. Once you play something, you would want to find other games in the same genre, but then you have that dollar sign which frustrates you anymore.

Well, not anymore!

Just name it, and you will get the game in the pirate bay. Happy Gaming!

3. Softwares

There is some software you will need to learn something, and there are some you need for official purposes. But, why pay for them?

Just like games, extravagant software does not come cheap. Plus, the expenses for every update!

This is why you need a pirate bay!

Free download every software you need for free.

4. Webinars

How many times have you wanted to join an important webinar, but the price is just too high!

Just because you cannot afford something doesn’t mean the learning should stop. You can get these webinars over the pirate bay for free as well. However, if you do not get that exact one, there are a plethora of webinars on the subject you can find.

How To Use Pirate Bay Safely

Accessing pirate bay is not something illegal. It is just spreading information for people’s knowledge and entertainment, and there is no monetary gain. However, it is important to protect yourself on this platform.

  • Always Use A Vpn to hide your Ip address.
  • Run the download URL under an antivirus scan
  • Check the number of leeches in a downloaded link [Information you can get on the website itself].
  • Do not click on every advertisement you see on the site.

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Happy Torrenting!

Yes, there are some controversies attached to the word ‘torrenting,’ but you are good to go as long as you are not using the free information for monetary gain.

So, start downloading today!

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