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Top 9 Best Web Browsers For PC

It is impossible to browse the internet without a web browser (there is nothing, or Sherlock!). Web browsers are the most important software on your computer unless you are someone who does not know what the web is and cannot access the Internet. If you only use a web browser, you will read this article.

We spend a lot of time surfing the internet, as the average person spends 6 hours on the net. This is a long time; people spend about 30-35 hours per week on the network, although these are bullish numbers. Our team members are online 12 to 14 hours a day, and many people spend more time than this.

In those days, we had the legendary Internet Explorer that was used only to download other web browsers. Since recent years, it has been discontinued and Microsoft Windows now has built-in Microsoft Edge, a decent browser, but it will be replaced by the Chromium version. This is a good move from Microsoft.

The best web browsers to use on your computer

Whatever happens with Microsoft Edge, there are still many web browsers on the PC that you can work with or waste time on. Today, we will cover the best web browsers for the computers you should use. We will make a separate list for mobile browsers and tablets.

These are the best web browsers you shouldn’t ignore.

Mozilla Firefox

The open source Mozilla Firefox web browser is the best when it comes to speed (perhaps), extension and security features. Firefox provides everything you expect from a web browser, and there is hardly any department left behind by its competitors. It is also very safe, more than any other browser on this list.

Mozilla Firefox is available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS systems. There was a time when Firefox was losing against its competitor, but it has recovered vigorously, and now no other browser can come close to it. With a stylish design that focuses on privacy and security, it is our favorite internet browser.

Mozilla is a completely free and secure browser, where you get most of your money related to contracts and sponsorship agreements. It’s one of the reasons why you are completely dependent on this web browser. This is the # 1 web browser for us.

Google Chrome

No matter what you do, you can’t simply ignore the Chrome browser, because it has the largest market share of your computer’s web browsers. On Android smart phones, the default web browser comes. Although it outperforms any other mobile browser, especially android, it is not far from the computer.

Chrome is a completely powerful browser, and what we love most is it’s fast, has very useful plug-in, excellent design and much more. Like most Internet users, we also work on Google Chrome, which contains some very useful add-ons that are not available in other browsers. But it is not the best.

There are some flaws in Chrome that you have to accept, since they are owned by Google, so no matter what you’re browsing, it will be tracked, since Google’s entire work depends on storing people’s data, they can even sell the data to the government. Plus, it consumes a lot of RAM and will be turned off if you don’t have a decent computer.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the current browser preinstalled with Windows 10. It has definitely been replaced because it’s a fairly good browser and an excellent update to the old Internet Explorer. Although we still use Edge to download other browsers at first, many of them also use it regularly.

Edge is only compatible with new versions of Windows, and you can use it in earlier versions such as Windows 7, XP, etc. If you are still using this operating system; it’s also available for iOS and Android, but it’s an average browser there. However, it is a robust web browser on Windows, and you will love its modern appearance and features.

When talking about the features, it contains a lot, although it does not support many extensions, but it contains something that many browsers on this list lack, which is phone support. Yes, if you encounter any difficulty in the Microsoft Edge browser, you can contact the developers and solve their problem. It is also very safe.

A small opera

There was a long time ago when Opera Mini was one of the most popular internet browsers. Before Google Chrome generally took market share of the web browser, there weren’t many of them. The least available are: Mozzila and Opera Mini. Now Opera is one of the underrated web browsers.

If you use Google Chrome, you will find that Opera Mini is very similar, as both browsers run on the same basic program. While it is not as secure as Firefox & Edge or does have many extension features like Chrome, it definitely matches them in the Speed ​​section.

Opera Mini is available for Windows, Mac OS, iOS and Android. However, you should bear in mind that there will be some sites that you cannot access from Opera Mini because some sites have blocked them. Overall, it is a good browser.

Chrome (Microsoft Edge)

In December 2018, Microsoft announced that it will use the Chromium open source project to develop the Edge Browser. Now, they released preview versions available for public use. The full version will take a long time.

These early releases, Microsoft Edge Dev and Canary, allow you to understand the look of the end product. Although we are looking at the preview version, it will be one of the best, if not the best, browsers.

Microsoft Edge will make more changes to the end product because if they don’t, they will end up creating a browser similar to Chrome and not stupid. It will be better in many aspects, like speed, and it will support extension for Chrome store and Microsoft, security, etc. At the moment, we have to wait for the final product.


If you’re a Mac user, there’s nothing that can beat Safari, it’s Apple’s official browser completely optimized for Mac OS. It doesn’t take long to connect to the internet and it opens websites very quickly. It is only available for Apple computers and laptops, and you cannot use it on other platforms.

The first time you use Safari, it will take some time to adjust if you are new to the Mac OS environment. You should keep in mind that you cannot customize this browser as you can with other browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. In addition, it is similar to other browsers.

You can synchronize Safari with your iCloud account. All bookmarks you save to Safari will also be available in the mobile browser. Another thing we really love about Safari is that it takes ads off the page so you can read articles without distraction. It is one of the best internet browsers.


Vivaldi Browser was created by co-founder of Opera Mini web browser, with a lot of experience. If you are a person who loves full control over every aspect of your web browser, Vivaldi is a good choice. While it’s a fairly new web browser for computers, it’s definitely good.

This web browser is also based on an open source project: Chromium. You can download any Google Chrome plug-in from the web store and do it as you like. Vivaldi is a powerful and fast web browser you should try once; customizing this browser is very easy.

Although it gives you full control, it’s a little slow, but you won’t find the difference between speed, because it’s much lower. Once again, it is for creative people who like to give life to their imagination. You will spend hours on these browsers, as you have many options. Vivaldi is better than many browsers.

Tor Browser

Tor Browser is for those who want to keep their privacy online. There are good and bad sides to this browser. For people who use it well, they will be safe from Internet auditors, meaning their data will remain safe. But it is said to have been used for illegal jobs on the Dark Network

It is impossible to track visitors from this browser, because it uses random nodes all over the world. Tor Browser is full of many features. We see that approximately 95% of web browsers earn money from selling their data. If you think your data is worthless, you are wrong. Companies earn millions with them.

Therefore, to protect your data, you must use a private browser. And when it comes to privacy, there is nothing that can beat Tor. While it is safe, you must do something stupid that would leave your identity open. This is a trick: use it from a USB stick, no one in the world will know that you are using it.

Brave browser

From the co-founder of Mozilla, here’s a new web browser that many people still don’t know about. Brave is another open source web project with the slogan “Save the Web”. It is a fast and secure private web browser with ad-blocking software already installed (advertising revenue from R.I.P.).

Brave Browser claims to be 8 times faster than Chrome and Safari. While it’s very fast, the main thing about this browser is that it saves your data as Tor Browser. It is the worst enemy for advertisers, as you will not be able to see many ads while using this web browser on your computer.

What gives speed and privacy, lacks the amount of extensions you can install and operate. Also, you cannot customize the browser very much. You also need to provide more security. Brave is far from being the best browser, but it’s good. You can use Brave Browser, and if you like, you can keep it.


That is, people, these were the best computer web browsers. If you ask us, according to us, the best PC browser is Mozilla Firefox due to its features. Next, the browsers that you should use are: Chromium, Google Chrome, and Opera Mini. If you have a Mac, Safari is also a good option.

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