Accentuate Your Look With These Must Have Lifestyle Watches

Daily living shouldn’t be boring, and every day is the best day to show off your taste and class. What better way to do it rather than wearing it on your wrist?

More often than not, most people decide to finish up their look with a beautiful timepiece. A classy watch will not only elevate your style, but it can tie everything up together.

With the lifestyle brands coming up with their timepieces, while these are not for the strict horologists, these will belong on your wrist if you are the fashionable one.

These timepieces might surprise you as some have fantastic features, but as expected, these watches focus on aesthetics and are prepared to be surprised.

Accentuate Your Look With These Must Have Lifestyle Watches

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss watches are split up into two lines. Hugo and Boss. The Boss line is more geared towards business and leisure. The bar has over 80 designs, and you can find one for casual use and one for more business or formal service.

With the said number of designs in the line, you will find something a Hugo Boss watch according to your taste and fashion sense.

The Hugo line is more masculine and sporty. However, with unisex designs with an inverted Hugo logo, women are not left out.

This line includes dive watches and sleek designs meant for adventurers who would like to be fashionable. Whatever lifestyle or fashion sense you have, you will find the right fit for you.

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Armani, founded by Giorgio Armani, is a multi-million fashion company that is not just known for clothing but also for making beautiful timepieces that shout class and sophistication.

There are several brands under Armani, like Armani Exchange, Giorgio Armani Prive, Emporio, and Giorgio Armani. These brands have watch lines as well.

Although Armani is a luxury brand, its timepieces are relatively affordable. With one model from Armani Exchange that is more or less $150.

That is not a bad look since you are wearing an Armani piece on your wrist, you can walk confidently in a room and know that you have good taste. Fashionably, you are not short-changed with options from Armani.


This list would not be complete without mentioning Gucci. Gucci is a brand that is known for its clothing and leather products.

Surprisingly, it is also as popular as a watchmaker! Gucci expected that they are also as imaginative in creating their watches and incorporating popular designs from their fashion lines to each watch.

Gucci has made a watch that borders technicality and fashion. These elements were incorporated in their Le Marché des Merveilles watch.

This is a fashion watch that is Swiss made and features notable Gucci touches like the embroidered bee.

It also has a Ronda Movement and is given good reviews. Check it out, and it might surprise you too!

Michael Kors

Micheal Kors is an American designer known for clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, and watches.

While the brand’s timepieces are more popular to a more fashionable populace, it’s watch line is as popular as their other products. Notable design queues are oversized watches for men and tiny pieces for women.

While Michael Kors is a household name due to hosting the American TV show Project Runway, this gives you the gist of his watch designs.

The watches are designed to look fashionable and tie up your whole attire with their watches as the icing on the cake. You have a variety to choose from, even digital and smartwatches that you can link with your phone.


Another American brand that has ventured into watchmaking is Guess—well known for Jeans and fashion. The brand launched into watchmaking in 1984.

There are three main lines, Guess, Guess Steel, and the Guess collection. While most are set up for fashion use, it serves its purpose well in providing functionality and fashion.

All these lines are still around today, and if you’re big on wearing jeans, please do check their collections as you will find one for you that will suit your style and sensibilities.

If you are looking to steal the spotlight, go for their more glitzy lines with gold plated linings and wrapped with Swarovski crystals too. You will be attracting attention for sure.

Kate Spade

Kate Spade is well-known and associated with handbags, shoes, and clothes. This company started in 1993 and has slowly imprinted people’s minds as a notable fashion watch company.

Being fashionable doesn’t always mean that it has to be expensive. The Kate Spade lines have timepieces well below a hundred dollars.

As people’s lifestyles incorporate fashion and technology in their daily lives, Kate Spade has recently launched hybrid and smartwatches.

This means that it will only grow in popularity as it has ridden the waves of technology and included it in its designs.

The company also sells bracelets for other smartwatches like the Apple watch and similar products.

Daniel Wellington

Relatively a new company to the fashion watch world, Daniel Wellington started in 2011 and has already made a significant following.

The company has made its presence known through social media outlets and choosing endorsers and young personalities, which gives you an idea that a DW watch is a way to go if you’re a fashionable millennial.

While most brands on the list focus on other lines such as clothing, shoes, bags, and the like, Daniel Wellington focuses on fashion watches.

The Swedish company has sold over six million watches in over 25 countries since its birth, which means that they are not a slouch for sales and profitability. Their watches don’t break the bank ideal for youngins.

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Fashion watches are made to look good. Though not famous for their horology, they serve their purpose in looking good and telling the time.

If you want to look good and classy while not breaking the bank, go on an excellent fashion watch.

This list will spoil you for options. There are many brands out in the world that will show you the potential of a simple timepiece to bring everything together.

Most brands don’t offer outstanding movements and innovations in horology but paving roads for more fashion brands not to be intimidated in chiming in the watch game.

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