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Online Tools for Your Attorney Marketing Plan

Solo lawyers have to fight the three-headed monster that is a small firm practice. They must deal with client matters, handle firm admin, and find time for marketing.

Plus, solo lawyers have to be more careful with where they spend their money, that’s why it’s best to look for a good marketing agency for law firm as they are often working with smaller budgets than larger firms.

Access to online tools that make marketing easier (and don’t cost any extra) is a huge win for the frugal singles.

Online Tools for Your Attorney Marketing Plan

Here are seven marketing tools you will love.

1. Hemingway Editor

All of us strive to communicate clearly, concisely, and efficiently. Hemingway Editor can be used online to edit your writing. Copy and paste your written content into the app. The site will color code and highlight the text you need editing.

Hemingway Editor will alert you to sentence complexity, passive voice phrases, and unneeded adverbs. These tips will make your marketing copy, blog articles, and social posts more persuasive.

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2. IMPACT Blog Title Generator

Advertising magnate David Ogilvy claims people are five-fold more likely to read the headline than the body copy. Your headline is the most important piece of copy that your readers will see. It must appeal and not confuse anyone who reads it.

The IMPACT Blog Title Generator generates headlines automatically.

Select the type of articles that you want to write, such as growth, improvement, productivity, or opinion. The program then suggests dozens of headlines. You simply need to enter the keywords.

The IMPACT Blog title generator is great for creating compelling headline ideas. It’s also great for brainstorming new articles ideas for writer’s block.

3. Canva

It doesn’t matter how hard you work to create great content. If people don’t find it, you are wasting your time. Images that are well-designed make content stand out in the sea of social media.

Canva is an online tool for designing professional images.

Canva allows you to create web-friendly and print quality images. Canva comes with a collection of stock images for one dollar.

Canva does not require photo credits such as free creative commons services like PhotoPin. This makes it the most affordable source for high-quality stock images.

4. SumoMe

It’s a great way for you to gain exposure beyond your network by asking others to share your content via social media.

SumoMe is a WordPress plugin that helps you start this process. SumoMe, a WordPress plugin, adds social sharing buttons to your blog. These buttons are easy to customize and mobile-friendly.

SumoMe provides heat maps that show you the locations where people are clicking on your pages. This will allow you to see which links are most popular on your web pages and where you can add call-to-action links.

If you notice that many people click on images about consultations, then you can link to the consultation sign-up form.

SumoMe also offers a pop-up utility, which can be set up to display different times. Pop-ups are great for promoting books or webinars, encouraging people to sign up for your blog, or to ask questions.

5. Buffer

Post regularly on social media channels in order to stay in touch with clients, leads, and other referral sources. However, posting social media content can take time.

Buffer allows you to schedule posts and is free. Buffer can schedule up to 10 posts per account on all social media channels. This allows you to keep your content front and center for your audience.

6. Asana

Asana is an easy-to-use digital tool that allows professionals to organize and track tasks. The user can see the steps required to complete a task.

Asana can help you keep everyone on the same page, for example, if there are several people working on a weekly blog article.

You can leave comments on tasks to encourage collaboration and open discussion directly on the site. This reduces email clutter and saves a record of each conversation. 

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7. Peek by User Testing

Peek is a UX test tool. It’s like having your own focus group, but it’s free. Peek can help you determine whether your site is drawing visitors or driving them away.

Give Peek your URL, and a real person will review your website’s user experience. They will quickly send you a link that allows you to see the experience of a visitor. 

These tools can help you save money and time. These tools will allow you to spend more time on the good fight against solo practice, the three-headed monster.


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