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6 Best Photo Viewer for Windows 10 in 2020

If you are a Windows user, surely you can remember when you used the highly integrated public viewer to display images on screen. Well that’s not the case at the time, given the large number of image viewers that have already submitted that have much better features. So, we have provided a list of the best image viewer for Windows 10.

Those previously used programs and applications are now very old. Users have started to adapt to better technology and much better service using third-party applications. It is time for me to change to a better option and have a better experience with a good photo viewer.


This guide will be the best that you will see when choosing the best photo viewer in Windows 10. Therefore, be sure to browse all the image viewers in the list and then select the one that suits you. Then, without losing more seconds, let’s continue the list.


The first one we collected and widely reviewed is Movavi Photo Manager. Well, this is undoubtedly the best photo viewer in Windows 10 among the many pictures you’ll see later on the list. You can manage lots of photos and videos collectively with this unique app. The best part is that it is very easy to handle and navigate. Without a complicated user interface or buttons, everything is in front of you with the utmost clarity.

There is no doubt that it is much better than Windows Photo Gallery. In addition to being very simple, the user interface is stunning and neat. The only problem with this is that this is not available for free. You can certainly try the trial version for a few days, but you’ll also have to pay for the service. In fact, it has many products like Photo Viewer, Photo Editor and Photo Manager or all in one. The same applies to videos, too.


  • Rich user interface and clean design
  • Multiple products are available to meet your needs.
  • Try the trial version
  • Easy to use and move
  • Tons of available space


  • Not available for free.
  • It does not provide similar search results for other applications.

2. APOWERSOFT PHOTO VIEWER – The best image display supporting multiple formats

Apowersoft is another photo viewer for Windows 10 that gives you an excellent experience. It is also one of the best image viewers for Windows 10 and has an excellent amount of products as well as only the image viewer. Although it’s not completely free, you can still check the trial version and look at all the features. You will love the user interface and features added to this.

From editing to sharing, you get everything in this image viewer. Plus, it’s the best tool for displaying HEIC, JPG, PNG and BMP images completely. Apowersoft has a friendly user interface and allows you to view the image with just one click. Plus, the performance is top notch and doesn’t even slow down your CPU, regardless of the storage space it occupies.


  • Take snapshots with one click
  • Supports multiple formats
  • Edit and share photos instantly
  • User friendly interface and ease of use


  • Not free of cost
  • There is no built-in image converter available

3. GOOGLE PICTURES: The best online photo viewer for Windows 10

You may already know the Google Images that you use on your Android device. All smart phones are pre-installed with Google Photos that connect to your email ID and sync all your photos from your phone. Likewise, there is an app for Windows 10, as well as a photo viewer.

Some of the best parts of this program are that all your photos from your phone can be available on your computer without having to transfer or save them. In fact, another important part is the Google Search console, where you can type anything, like “New Year Images 2018”, and there you have all your photos on that day. Sounds like a dream, but it’s really real. Many Smartphone users do not know this.

Plus, it’s totally free. No upfront fees, no GST or anything. It is one of the best online photo display software for Windows 10. It saves almost 16GB of space for storing only videos and photos.


  • Free of cost
  • The best online photo viewer easy to use.
  • 16 GB of available space for storing photos and videos
  • Excellent Google search console
  • The user interface is the best ever


  • No custom app available for PC
  • Being an online tool requires an internet connection at all times

4. IRFANVIEW – VIEWER Best Image Light for Windows 10

If you are looking for an app that takes up less space, this is for you. Irfan offer can be downloaded online for only 3MB of space. All your photos and videos are extremely safe and easily available when you need them. It has a fairly familiar interface as to what to use before. Therefore, it is much easier to use and learn on the go.

All editing options, save, share, print, etc. It’s in the top menu bar, which you can easily access once you download the program to Windows 10. You can choose from a 32-bit or 64-bit system, depending on your system. Plus, it’s completely free and has no hidden costs at all. This program provides batch processing that allows you to process multimedia files very quickly.


  • It takes up much less space and keeps the system stable
  • Easy to use and move
  • It supports tons of formats.
  • Free of cost
  • Supports more than 50 additional functions


  • The user interface is not the best
  • Very general characteristics in general

5. 1 2 3 Photography Presentation – Best photographic presentation of photography from MICROSOFT

Well, those who don’t want to try any third-party software can choose 1 2 3. Image viewer 3. It is available in Windows 10 App Store. You can download it easily from there. With over a million downloads, it has been received by users all over the world. This program has been in place for over 5 years and may be one of the best programs officially available in the store.               

Some of the exclusive features that keep you out of the crowd are the fact that it supports WEBp, DDS, TGA, PSD and many flat file formats, as well as all common file formats. In addition, it supports batch operations that include converting, resizing, and renaming the format. You do not need to go to the open menu option to open an image, just drag and drop your file into the application.


  • Easy navigation and excellent user interface
  • Free at Microsoft Store
  • Supports batch operations and multiple formats
  • The fastest increase the experience


  • Look and feel might not be the best use of it
  • Hang up sometimes


Last but not least, we have Fast Stone Photo Viewer. It is fast, stable and easy to use so you can use all functions, such as converter, photo browser and editor. Everything is presented collectively in this unique photo viewer.

Some of the many features included in the real full screen viewer with zoom support and unique menu panels. In addition, there are several formats that Windows 10 Photo Viewer supports for all types of images that may be present. The company recently released its latest version 7.4 in August. Other features include a high-quality magnifying glass and music slide shows with over 150 transition effects, as well as lost JPEG transitions, shadow effects, picture captions, scanner and graph compatibility, and much more.


  • Fast and easy to use download speed.
  • Over 150 transition effects in slide shows
  • Powerful photo editing tools provided
  • Free of cost
  • It supports touch interface


  • Scrolling through the program is slower
  • The user interface could be better

Verdict: The best photo render for Windows 10

After extensive research and the many tools we find, none of them will definitely emerge, two of the crowds. We will choose Movavi as the paid version and for the free version; we will definitely choose Google Images. It is entirely up to you. If you don’t want to pay for the image viewer, there are 4 other options that are free.

We have tested it properly in our systems and all work well. Then, according to your choice below, you can simply choose from the above list without thinking twice. If you want to have a lighter program, you also have an option. Yes, everyone has some problem, but it can be managed, so it should not be a long-term problem.

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